What deity can assist me with vengeance?

Not just any revenge. The kind that leaves permanent damage and suffering.

And I know this comes at a hefty price.

Who is the best deity to seek?

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Hmm, there is several beings, If it is vengence for broken promises, then some roman deity can help- Orcus. Or erinyes from Greek mitology as well.


Baneful magick is a powerful thing before you do it asks yourself this, do you really want to do it or do have the necessary emotional detacthment to damage another person and possibly disable them for life? If so first step is cleared.

Secondly is to determine in which way you’d wanr them to suffer, die, etc. This is from my experience the best and hardest part to naildown, let your desire of their misery build in you, and then for example call a spirit, to kill someone you need quite a few, gods work incredibly well for this, however there are some useful goetic spirits which are useful for this, along with various demonic spirits. One spirit is Pazzuzu.

Thridly is to send them off and completely ignore and not caring about the end result or the rite itself until it has come to pass. Which it most likely will.

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Are you close to any demons or deities yet?

In my experience, most demons can assist with any baneful work if you have a strong relationship with them, even if such things are not in their “normal” realm of workings.

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