What crystal or stone is this? help

So I found this while I was out walking and I know it is a sign of one or more of my workings but I don’t know which one since I have no idea what this stone/ crystal even is and if I knew I could look up it’s meaning so please help me figure this out!

Using this chart or looks like either canvasite or azurite

To be honest, it looks like slag or sea glass.

It’s definitely not azurite, which is opaque. Or cavansanite, which is cobalt blue cavansanite at DuckDuckGo


no idea but If you cannot see the color it is green but when light hits to me it looks blue ish.

looking up slag it does look like it!

Im leaning towards what @Mulberry said . I have a lot of gems myself. Those were first 2 I thought of as well.

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I looked at it and thought sea glass. It looks like some of the glass I got from kodiak.


Piece of an ancient meteorite. Nice find!

It feels like it holds more potential than a cintamani stone.

I’m no expert by the moment I saw it I thought I was looking at a piece of colored glass.

@Nolan Don’t think so.I’ve seen meteorites they’re blacked hunks of metal and or rocks normally not translucent like the stone in question (which looks like a piece of glass not stone btw).

Edit add: they get blackened because the get so burning hot passing through the atmosphere. All meteorites and meteors burn on reentry and get blackened.that’s a fact. So if it’s not a blackened mess it’s not a meteorite piece.

Not really. Look up tektikes.

Here’s some glassy space rocks for ya. I own a couple too.

Cintamani stones:

Few moldavites:

Beautiful, right? Finding an alien piece like that is… magic.

Ya some of those are beautiful and I see your point with the translucent one in the guys fingers. I still don’t think it is but I concede there is that possibility to you.

Edit to add omitted word ‘beautiful’to the above

It’s a hard one to nail down, for sure. And it’s definitely different than a cintamani or a moldavite. But it’s quite alien.

I don’t just read the aesthetics of the stone, I tap into the geometry with my mind/psychic.

Fun fact: These ‘tektites’ are also really great for making enchanted jewelry. I have a moldavite right now that I’m wearing, that I put a torus field on to constantly raise my ESP ability while I’m able to sit back and do nothing at all. :sunglasses: