What color candles for which ritual

what colored candles for which ritual do you guys use

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black for demons, baneful, or power
red for lust , sex passion
white for peace, spirits
green for money, prosperity


In formal ceremonial rituals, I use five candles.
Red - South - Fire
Blue - West - Water
Green - North - Earth
Yellow - East - Air
White (sometimes also a black to symbolize the pillars) - Altar.
Aside from altar candles, the other four candles are kept outside the circle.


I don’t bother worrying about candle colour and usually just use what is at hand. The spirits I evoke don’t seem to care.

I am currently using two light blue candles for my rituals and I have evoked both angels and demons with them.

It is only if practicing candle magick, as @Laith_wavey linked, where colour really becomes a factor, but, in a pinch, white candles are good for everything, as white encompasses all colours. I have two white candles that are dedicated to King Paimon, because they were the only candles I had available at the time I called upon him.


Theoretically color can help, but is not really needed. You need to keep in mind that magickians were using candles in ritual before there were colored candles readily available. They were all whiteish, or whatever color the material at hand was. In desert regions there would often be no candles, but oil lamps instead; color is not even a factor in such cases. I use white for almost everything, unless I am feeling saucey.


There is however, a possible boost in effect by having the number of candles with what planet you work with:
Earth: Black and White, ten candles
Moon: Purple, nine candles
Mercury: Orange and Blue, eight candles
Venus: Green, seven candles
Sol: Orange and yellow, six candles
Mars: Scarlet, five candles
Jupiter: Blue, four candles
Saturn: Indigo and Black, three candles
Pluto: Red and Black, eleven candles
Neptune: Blue and Indigo, two candles
Uranus: Yellow, One candle

Even without the color.
Then the incense…


Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of colored candles so I worry not much about it. But if you feel it does then I’d use a complimentary color for the work


:fire::point_up_2: this! :grin: is good advice.
The last part especially if you associate a certain color with the working you are doing, using thay color candle can help focus the mind.

The only time there seems to be a need to adhear to certain colors for certain things is when hooking into a specific current as it gives the psychological attachment to the current.

This in part i think is why it is advisable to have different alters for different currents. When the symbolism of one is different from the other crossing back and forth on the same alter can generate internal confusion,hinder results and muddy the waters when trying to understand what your doing and why your doing it.


Completely agree. Thays why I have separate altars to keep everything in check frequency wise.


It makes sense I am working both with the path of smoke and lucifer the 72, Currently working with King Paimon to charge an anchor point and during a Path of smoke rite that consecrates my temple, King Paimon told me to keep that off the alter i have for this work or i would have to start the process with him again. :rofl:


Silver for Lucifer and red for Satan upon the altar.
A black one in west side of circle (light come from darkness)

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Absolutely, much for the same reason that OGD evocations employ color filters on the lantern. There is definitely the school of thought that because vibration is key, and color is a form of vibrational filter, that changing colors can add to a more conducive environment for certain energies.

It can also have a psychological effect. Since American money is green, a green candle during a money spell can have an effect on the mind and give the ritual a boost for some. I am just saying it is a luxury, not a neccessity, kind of like using planetary hours.

You should tag this into a planetary magick thread; this is good info.

I have to admit that incense is a big one for me in most rituals. It can add energy correspondance, act as a manifestation base, crafting of it can aid in immersion, etc. A big part of it for me is the aspect of sensory stimuli it adds during achievement of state. I am an extremely scent oriented person, so it has a profound effect on me. Also, experimenting with new blends and scents is one of the things that keeps my practice fun. You should see my stash, lol.

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White reflect all colors back. White is also the balance of all colors and black being considered as the mixture of all colours.
Does using a candle of such a colour for such a type of ritual give an extra analogy? Personally no! It’s just commercial. The only coloured candles I use are the colours that represent the spirit with which I do my ritual.