What can you ask Lucifer for?

What power can you ask Lucifer for?


He is good for everything!!! :slight_smile:


Could you ask for things that go outside the bounds of common sense? Can he change something in the past to affect the future?


If he could, people would have replied with “Ask Lucifer!” on the dozen or so other posts you’ve made asking to change the past.

Even Dr Who can’t do that!! (Father’s Day.)

Was wasting time trying to find the wrong way to short-cut something any part of how your GPA got tanked? I’m not being mean asking that, but you’re doing the opposite of time-travel if you keep repeating similar kinds of mistakes.


I have been trying to summon Lucifer but he is not showing up can you ask him for me why please

No one here is going to contact Lucifer for you. This forum is not a messaging service, and this is the fifth post you have made asking someone to contact him on your behalf. Please stop. Jumping on every thread about Lucifer and asking someone to do the work for you isn’t going to get you very far.


Why do u say this

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People ask us to pass messages to spirits for them all the time. You’re not the first one to ask and you most likely won’t be the last, but the members of this forum have neither the time nor the inclination to do so. We already give of our time by answering questions and providing advice based on our experience for free, so we can’t also be expected to do the magick for every person who asks. That is not the purpose of this forum and we are not professional sorcerers.

If you are so desperate to evoke Lucifer that you can’t take the time to learn how to do it yourself, then I suggest you save up your money and contact a professional sorcerer like EA. He’ll do an evocation for you, but it won’t come cheap.


@DarkestKnight We need to be able to link to your message here so we can send it each time this happens ^


Can you help me with evocating Lucifer since I am fairly new to this and would like to contact him.

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There is a massive amount of information on this forum about Lucifer. Use the little magnifying glass in the upper right of the screen and you will find everything you need to know.

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Yeah I know about that but nobody had a definite solution

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well then maybe it’s not about a definite solution.

just maybe,
it’s about you actually aplying the aproaches others used successfully,
and finding out for yourself?

Can i walk to a water cask for you and drink for you?

can i go to toilet for you?

Or do you actually have to drink and pee,
by yourself,
to keep your body hydrated.

That doesn’t mean we don’t offer help.

But all offers are useless,
if you don’t choose one,
and use it by yourself.

Maybe this helps you straighten that barrier in your mind:

If that doesn’t seal the deal for you,

Might help you get further.

Watch that several times,
with pause intervals of at least a week in between,
because i’m quite sure,
you’ll miss stuff,
that you notice later,
once your subconcious has diguested some of the information.