What came first: YHWH or Yahweh? (Asking ChatGPT)


"The terms “YHWH” and “Yahweh” refer to the same concept in the context of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). YHWH represents the four Hebrew consonants (yod, he, vav, he) that form the sacred name of God in the Hebrew scriptures. The exact pronunciation of this name has been debated among scholars and translators.

“Yahweh” is a commonly used vocalization of the divine name YHWH. It is derived from the ancient Hebrew language and is widely accepted by scholars as a probable pronunciation. The name Yahweh is often used in English translations of the Bible.

Regarding which term came first, it is believed that the sacred name YHWH existed before the specific vocalization “Yahweh” emerged. The ancient Hebrews considered the divine name to be sacred and did not typically vocalize it. The vocalization “Yahweh” is a modern scholarly approximation based on linguistic analysis and historical context.

So, in summary, the concept represented by both “YHWH” and “Yahweh” predates the specific vocalization of “Yahweh” and is associated with the God of the Hebrew Bible." -ChatGPT

So what do you guys think? I personally think that YHWH represented for the Jewish people both “source” and “desert war god”. YHWH was probably originally just a term for “source” or “the most high”, but during the Jewish enslavement, this God needed to develop more of a dark side to ensure the victory of his people.

That is how “Yahweh” came to “rule” the tree of life; being the most high (to the Jews). What sucks for the rest of us is that his warlike traits are “baked in” to his divinity, causing quite the mental contradiction when trying to work with him.

I guess its like anything good. What starts out as pure can become quickly corrupted given the right circumstances.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

Also, do you guys think its possible to reconnect with the original meaning of YHWH (pure source)?

My intuition tells me that vibrating the letters individually would help. But then again, if you wanted to connect to pure source, maybe it would be better to drop YHVH/Yahweh completely and come up with a different term.


I think the term “the source” and YHWH became two separate things. The God is perhaps more of an egrogore or a powerful being that pretends to be the one and all. Maybe a combination of both.

As for the actual “the source” I like to compare it to the hermetic term “The All”, less of a being more of an energy or sphere. My opinion on that one changes weekly between the complete universe, the driving force of the universe or a remnant of the gnostic Sophia from when it created a place for the one that should not be.

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I definitely agree that over time they became separate

In my opinion, the all or source is everything in the celestial/causal universe.

As soon as you go beyond time/causal dimension, you enter the void/ Tiamat imo.

But, I must admit, like you my thoughts on the topic are constantly shifting

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It gets like that when you realize it’s imagining something we could never fully grasp, eh?

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Totally. An ever-evolving paradox.

To clarify, because people don’t seem to realise this about chatgpt, you’re not asking it anything.

It’s 2000 lines of code and all it does is predict text and search the internet for other people’s answers and spit out a consensus opinion from humans. It’s not actually true ai it’s just a chatbot with a big database. It doesn’t live up to the hype.

I would advise you not to rely on what’s basically the lowest common denominator opinion of the masses and instead look at some real research. Historians like Freddy Silva go to old source that are not even on he Internet that chatgpt cannot use.

This may not be accurate historically, so forming a worldview on it is dodgy. Again I refer you to historians studying the oldest texts they can find, like Freddy Silva, rather than Internet cultural opinion.

If you want to know what I really think, it’s not divine at all. It was a warrior king of some kind that led a tribal band and became immortalized in legend, then myth.

Did you now that the bible records conversations between Jesus of Nazareth and Yahweh as a physical man. Not metaphorically but as a guy who walked through the camps and expected to be fed?

It may also be the case that back then, the idea of “god” didn’t mean the same thing as now. Don’t forget Sumerian and Akkadian cities each had a god of the city. Celtic wells have goddesses that are nature spirits, Taoists call any discarnate entity a god. Different cultures thought of these things differently.

So, what “good”? He was made a god by the religions, but he’s not, never was, is nothing to do with source, (and based on the Talmud was a nasty, Narcisistic piece of work) and what we have now are multiple egregores, or people sidestepping that mess and just going to source as the only sensible option.

From chatgpt and yhwh and even Jesus… we’re not in the age of Pisces any more, why are people still looking for cultish figures to idolise?

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Do you think Yahweh was a man?

Absolutely unless I’m in an Ancient Aliens mood, then I think he was a soulless reptile. (I read the bible, that’s why I have such a low opinion of him. Two can play the judgy game.)


Which books from him exactly do you recommend about the origins of Christianity?

ChatGPT is pretty much a search engine that does NOT give sources like actual search engines like google. ChatGPT is not one of these futuristic black mirror esque tools that has a degree intelligence in and of itself. With that being said ChatGPT giving answers is actually slightly worse than google search results regarding accuracy and citation but easier from a copy and paste perspective.

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