What breaks a love spell?

What should I not do because I don’t want to accidentally break the love spells I’ve casted. Should I not participate in any lust or think about anyone other than this person? should I keep my contact with them or block them in order for it to work better? Etc…
Please help. I feel like I’ve been doing wrong things

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You go about your life and try tour best to forget about the spell.

Don’t anger the target, that will push them away. Don’t harass the target by texting or calling all the time. Give them time to miss you. Give the spell time to work. Don’t boo hoo and question yourself or your magick if you don’t see fast results. Don’t lust for results, like obsessing over whether or not the spell will work. Don’t stalk their social media looking for signs of the spell working, don’t act different, be your normal self, with a positive spin.

Find a new interest, get into yourself, workout, learn a new language, make some new friends, etc. anything to keep busy and keep your mind off the spell. Become the best you, not for the target, but for yourself.

If you did a love spell, why would you block them? No games, no funny business. Just do your work and move on, knowing your desire will manifest.

That’s what you do.

Good luck.


Thank you so much. I texted him once since the spell but wont anymore. I was just in the mindset of there were so many specific things to do in order to not ruin it. I thought if I blocked him it would make him want me for sure but I i’m not gonna do that its silly. Is there any other advice you have to help forgetting about to spell? Even when I’m at work I’m just thinking about him responding or the outcome of spell. Also I see you respond to a lot of people and I really like all the things you say :slight_smile: also should I cast more? Or should I wait and see the results of the current one? Also i didn’t use any entities/deities


It might have the opposite effect, he might wonder why you blocked him and retreat. Also, how is he supposed to contact you if he’s blocked?

It’s hard not to lust for results, I sometimes have a hard time not doing it myself. Whenever I feel like I’m on the cusp of lusting for results, I change my mindset and think of the end result and enjoy it, like it’s already happening. I let of of the “whys, whens and hows” and just focus on the end result only. By that I don’t mean wondering if it will happen, I mean KNOWING it’s only a matter of time until it happens.

Thank you. I enjoy helping people :blush:

There’s nothing wrong with going with a layered approach. Tackle the situation from different angles. For instance, maybe there’s another person, maybe the target has commitment issues, or maybe they’re being influenced by family etc. You might want to get some divination done to see if there are any obstacles that may possibly stand in the way. There are always members offering free readings, it’s usually on a first come first serve basis, so be on the lookout for those threads.

I’m not sure how comfortable you are working with spirits but you can always start with petition spells. They’re easy and have always worked for me. I do rituals to call spirits, but sometimes I’m “not always there mentally” and therefore can’t focus or concentrate, so I just do the petition spells in those situations. Here’s a great link: