What are your thoughts on consensual love spells?

long story short, there’s a girl who knows i’m into magick but our relationship is complicated. i have feelings for her and she doesn’t, but she always says that she wishes she could have those same feelings. i’m going to ask her if she’s ok with me putting a love spell on her and i feel like i have a high chance that she’ll say yes. what is the difference between asking to do a spell on someone and not asking them in terms of the results of the spell? if we’re both receptive, would you say that the chances of things going well are higher?

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E.A. And his fiance have done this with each other and it seems to be doing them good.

Why not give it a try and involve her in the ritual with equal magical working done on you. I think this would work as well if not better than non consensual workings.


Consensual love spells eliminate a major source of resistance because you’re not forcing anyone to do anything against their will. They’re also far less likely to backfire for that reason.

I’d say do it.