What are your cannabis experiences?

I don’t like synthetics, can I smoke marijuana to see more and go into a trance?

I actually want to go into an intense trance, more than theta gamma, I want to do that, if you have experience with marijuana may I know?


Theta gamma is the brainwave state when you’re in trance, it’s not a type of trance, there’s no more or less than.

A trance where your brainwaves are theta mixed with some alpha and’s beta, that’s a lighter trance.

If you do pot cleanse beforehand, and set up good wards, as it can attract parasites. I recommend asking the spirit of pot itself for guidance and using it in a sacred way. You still have to meditate and intend to trance, it doesn’tjyst do it for you. But be careful if doesn’t become a crutch.


So, should someone who has mastered out-of-body experiences do this to enter a trance and physically summon spirits?

Mastering invocation and out-of-body experience, which makes sense to you?

I had trouble when I first started smoking medical marijuanas because I wouldn’t be able to stay awake and it make it harder to get into trance without it.

It took me two years past the first time I started smoking pot to learn to project and journey. Weed in no way helps me with this and I can’t usually remember my dreams if I go to sleep on it.

It does help me calm down and not give as many fucks if I’m upset or angry but those are things I should be able to do without a substance, just like trance imop.

While I sometimes smoke weed almost daily, I hardly ever successfully journey or get out of body after smoking, though I do sometimes have rather vivid dreams.

I usually intentionally sober up for journeys or if I want to remember my dreams.

I also didn’t do magic or rituals while smoking at first. I needed to know exactly how the substance affected me, did it make me see and hear things etc. I need to know I could control my actions and my mind before I could summon a spirit while in a state that I could get used and abused in.

I’ve been smoking it on and off four about four years, I don’t actually think it helps my practice and in some ways it hurts it if im not active in ensuring I can indeed trance while straight, if I want to remember my dreams I have to write them down and do reality checks- when I don’t smoke, I don’t have to do that, I just remember my dreams and journeying is pretty easy.

I have medical and personal reasons why I smoke but I I’ve paid really close attention to it and what goes on while using because I figure it doesn’t do me any good not to be aware of these things :slight_smile:

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I tried once with my ex,didnt do anything for me

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It hits me reeeeeeally hard and my ability to hear them is much better on it. I don’t like the headspace at all for anything but music and the occasional ritual though

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