What are your aspects?

Spinning off a post question I read in a thread. (What would you be the angel of?)

So, given your abilities, natural and learned, if you were suddenly a living god, what aspects do you now represent?


I would be the Angel of Comicbooks.
Draw my seal in a dialogue box on bristol board and I will locate vintage horror comics for you.


‘God of Truth and knowledge’, yeah sounds awesome too!!!


I would be an angel of total procrastination and panicking about said procrastination while sitting on my bed dressed in a towel for several hours while panicking. If someday said position is vacant: hit me up!


what about the god of free porn password??? or the god of torrent??? Are they already taken? I am in-debt to the later more than to my parents.

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God of Big Cocks (or, those who want one at least)


God/dess of storms, ocean, winds, darkness, desire, theatrical music, sexuality, shadow work and alot more lol.


Goddess of wandering probably



Oh I’m no angel. Daemon hunter of consent violators, usurers, and other people that take advantage of others good will and hard work… My watch, my rules.
That should keep me entertained for a while, but I’d hope to work myself out of a job fast-ish.

And I look like samael’s depiction in Hellboy: so hawt!



You would recieve more offerings than all other gods combined.


From women. Lol

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Lol yep

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Goddess of all things regarding protection of home & family,
summon me into your kitchen when you’re cooking to harm or heal :cherries::mushroom::bread::grapes::wine_glass::honey_pot::wink:


People could invoke us simultaneously, you could take out the trash and I could restore the balance in the aftermath😊


Hmm, generally I would say that I have three aspects - one of pure Light, one of pure Shadow, and one of a balanced mixture of the two. I call these my Divine Forms (or Aspects), and I will assume them for different purposes during rituals or in daily life (nothing quite like walking around as an angel among mortals).

The Form that I assume the most would be that of the Fallen Angel, as it contains a balance of Light and Shadow. I usually take on this aspect before performing any ritual, to ensure that my Light and Shadow are both expressed and a part of the ritual, even if it is with a being of pure Light or Shadow.

My Archangelic Form I will assume during some angelic meditations/pathworkings/visualizations, as in that moment I become a being of pure Light, and this helps to attune me to the angelic energies. I will also assume it when I wish to express my angelic power directly.

My Shadow Form needs further development and exploration, but for me it is the Form of the Leviathan. Definitely a bit more monstrous than the other two, but the primal Shadow is not always pretty to gaze upon.

I plan on writing about these Divine Forms, how to acquire them, and their application in more detail sometime soon, but it may be in the form of a book. Can’t give away all my secrets for free, now can I :slight_smile:

It who seeks to draw forth and add ever increasing infinite conflicts to the chaos of creation in search of it being devoured by absolute void.

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Goddess of the underdog; lifting up the little guy, the black sheep and placing all his naysayers at his feet.


Archangel of…

  • Temperance, research, and liberal sciences (the boring shit)
  • Protection, empathy, reconciliation, influence, diplomacy

My darker aspect…

  • Excess, kink, psychic manipulation
  • Vengeance, war, death

My Sigil:

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