What are vampires?

I had thought they did not exist but I stumbled in this category in the “Ode to Selene”, so if vampires exist, what are they?

I have also read about the many races, so I am going to assume that the energy vampires are one of them, what does the ode to selene turn you to, exactly? And why would anyone do that?

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Well the blood vampire(Slavic vampires) are a cover to keep an age old practice away from the public.

How do you think they manifested their egregore armies to oppress the old gods. They were mages who banished the gods and enslaved the rest of humanity, the result is the western sphere of Christianity.

True vampirism is of the energy and its easy. If you can will your energy throughout chakras, you are one step away from performing energy tears on others, you just have to intend to do it and have a more powerful aura.

If you are going to practice this, make sure you program the stolen energy, otherwise you’ll take their baggage too


This practice is becoming public btw, some program called youngblood.

Unfortunately I know nothing about vampires, unless they are like media portraits them?

There are psychic vampires, which is what, I think more wholesomely, the vampirism section of this forum focuses on.

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So it is basically a term for sorcerers manipulating energy?

Deleted because it could get political, but be aware that many film studios propegate against the occult

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Since they usually portray men who do this as very sexy, it could alternatively be a way to get subconscious consent from millions of impressionable young women, so that they have fewer psychic and psychological barriers to the practice?

Normal people are not likely to start drinking blood (which, anyway, can’t be easily digested in laerge amounts) but they are likely to associate vampire with “poor misunderstood victim of great charm” and therefore have less resistance to reading about things like the use of young people’s blood in a medical setting to alleviate genetic disease, and ageing.

But that does veer over into politics very quickly so it’s kind of a minefield to discuss on here, with this rule: BALG RULES - Please read them!

Psychic vampirism is, yes.


This is all just the psychic form of vampirism. The most powerful form of vampirism and magick utilizes Death Magick and the physical act of taking of human or animal life. This is the Physical Vampirism which is infinitely more powerful than psi vampirism alone.

Obviously you cant do parts of this legally so things like Wars or other things act as outlets to serve as natural or engineered covert sacrifices.

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You may know more vampires than you think. Negative personas and energies abound. Think of someone who’s always a pessimist and down and pitiful woe is me. They seem to just drain the area into negative feelings and you feel tired. The living area may be cluttered, ugly, unclean, full of rage/depression cycles. I’ve lived with my pa who seems to drain and I’ve seen my ma basically turn sick over the decades.

Might be a lesser form but it’s still vampyric

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This seems to be the lie that propogates. Theres a difference between a Vampire and a Parasite. A parasite is simply just an Energy Drain. Vampires are usually more intelligent and aware than the average human being and Give Back to a person or Society in some way. Vampires by design are smart enough to not kill off the food supply and rather grow it.


As there are many types of vampires in society, and very well hidden the chances of spotting them are alot harder. They can be common people youd never suspect or spectacular people you’d never expect. Because the secret of what a vampire is is hidden in plain sight.

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Slavic Vampires, or Strigoi are actually energy vampires and don’t drink blood, they just drain the life force. There are three kinds of Strigoi and only one is already dead, the other two are various types of living dark magicians.

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This I can see people paranoid thinking a lot of people in positions of power being vampires in some way.


Hardly paranoid to look at the world and see this has been attempted many times.

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Well…small war skirmishes here and there, cop shootings, car accidents, deaths by gang violence, helping tip the scale towards people already close to death, poisoning of water supply (I cant remember, was this Michigan?), unleashing psycho Shooters on populace… Well when they die the Deaths Reaper is there to collect the energy aka the Magician.

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And world events to make this happen more often, of course. yeah we get it, it’s an open secret (also, sadly for this conversation, obviously political).

But the jig is up. :wink:

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I would say that love and sex-magic counter it successfully, because sex is creation of life. It is a perfect protection against the death current, removing it completely if you are affected. Sure, the sexual energy can work similar to vampirism, but the main consequence of sex is life.

There’s horror stories about vampires and succubus entities, and most of these stories are myths that will be challenged when meeting one.

When spirits and energies can affect us physically and interact with us, I would say that physical vampires wouldn’t stand a chance.


Exactly. :wink:

Funny how magick got suppressed for so long…



7.682 billion humans. They CAN’T ever kill off the food supply. EVER!

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