What are these flying light orbs?

Okay, let’s discuss orbs for a bit. What are they? Why do they come? What is the requirement for them to come?

Apparently, they don’t appear to everyone. I for one have never seen orbs around EA, or S Ben Qayin, and a bunch of other magicians who are successful and work with spirits extensively.

Yet, to some they do appear, such as to The Cabal, for example:

Why do these orbs appear? What must one do to manifest one, or is it just a random phenomena?


Energy … Only thing I can think of offhand.


Not sure, they could be manifestations of the spirits.

Anyone else? I find it odd that this thread got as many views but just 1 reply (2 if you consider this one).

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You probably know there are realms in the Spiritual planes where you can’t go into with your “Astral body”. You literally have to take it off “like a cloth”, employ some spirits to look after it and go into those planes with a different version of yourself (Something that appears like a orb or a fluid-like shape with colours you won’t find on this planet)
-Though only a few can access these planes-

Deep within but not totally within - We are orbs and sparks. I have been fortunate once to see a Spirit in the Astral plane. It initially presented itself in form of a “smell”, And i could perceive the smell like it was an image. I couldn’t comprehend it but after a while, It transformed into a human form - Though only the head was in a human form. It had braids on its head with a serious looking face but the entire body just appeared like “light particles”

I believe Most spirits appear to us in human shapes/forms cause they are trying to relate to us better and probably cause they see that deep within us, we feel much comfortable when they appear in a form we are naturally used to.
If you see the Spirits around the sun, You will understand where i am coming from. Most humans will dazzle into madness if spirits appeared in their natural form. Actually, Most will not even be able to perceive or comprehend spirits unless they appear in a human form.

I have heard a lot of experiences where magicians evoke an unknown entity which initially appears like a orb/smoke or a 2D shape but after the magician tells the spirit to appear in a “beholdable form”, Only then did the spirit assume the form of a human/animal.

One i was told about initially appeared like a orb before it transformed and animated to an Old man wearing a Suit and a wide smile.

So, Orbs could be spirits, energies or a different/advanced form of consciousness.
There’s always no knowing.


I concur with this. Wise words.


But don’t you think that orbs might be the next step in the spirit’s advancement, or rather its presence into this world? These orbs are physical. I think it’s a great feat to transition from incorporeal to corporeal form through magic. Literally physically materializing the spirits, not just having them appear to you visually in your mind’s eye.


I believe spirits have advanced past that a very long time ago. I believe most humans are just “too immersed in this gross and physical reality” that they forgot to notice what’s right in front of them

Young ones(Usually below 5 years old) notice this orbs and forms all the time but the society, over time, re-programs and condition them to ignore what they see.
The society teaches them to be less aware of the subtle energies

You ever heard an instance when a child sees a Subtle form/spirit/form/energy and the child tells his/her parents - Mom, Dad! I saw a white dragon floating in the sky. Then the parents laugh at him/her and make the child think himself immature for seeing such

Another instance - This happened to a kid i know.
He saw a being with two heads and four horns and he ran away in fear to his parents. The parents laughed happily and told him it is a sin to lie and that he should stop lying.They thought he was making up stories. No one believed him except me.

Babies, at a very young age, recognize their parents mainly by using their Astral senses. You should notice that some kids/babies, on noticing someone with an Aura that scares or is strange to them - they begin to cry/move away from that person/frown at them/disallows the person to touch them.

I believe the reason why we couldn’t see them before is because our mind has been conditioned to “overlook” them.

They have been there all this while.
They are very much present like the physical objects we see.
We have just been made to believe they are things impossible to comprehend.


While I do agree that children can see spirits better, I was referring to spirits materializing in PHYSICAL form, not VISIBLE form.

When I say PHYSICAL form, I mean a form that it’s material, that’s also perceivable with PHYSICAL senses, NOT astral senses.

That’s why I’m wondering if what The Cabal is doing, for example, is a huge advancement in spirituality. Materializing spirits in physical form.

The Astral senses are in a way aligned to the physical senses. A very advanced mage see spirits with his physical eyes like they are humans you can touch,smell and hold but that doesn’t make them “Material or physical”.

Some magicians have sex with entities and it feels so so real and physical like it’s with a human but that doesn’t make it so.

Unless a Spirit reincarnates to Earth, A Spirit is never physical in the sense that you imply cause it doesn’t live inside a gross vessel, it isn’t a fixed three dmensional form and it doesn’t obey physical or earthly laws.

If the Cabal materializes a Spirit to a physical form - Can they trap it in physical chains?
Would they give it food and water so it doesn’t get hungry/thirsty?
Does the spirit obey physics laws?
Can they hurt the entity by physical means?

A materialized spirit is far from “MATERIAL”

Can we stop talking about astral senses? They are irrelevant to this discussion.

My question is simple: Is the orb manifestation a step further, a next level?

Light orbs are material.

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There’s no use going around in circles.

I will give way for some else to answer your questions.

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IThe orbs aren’t a recent happening even with the Cabal. Lots of magic workers have manifested orbs around them. Mediums do this with discarnate spirits so I wouldn’t call it the next step in spiritual advancement.

It just takes a special type of energy most people refer to as ectoplasm.

If you check out a woman named Andulariah on YouTube , she’s a light worker for the most part but she’s very advanced spiritually. She has manifested orbs in many of her videos and she has videos on her channels where you can see these orbs present.

It all depends on the spirit and if they choose to manifest that they. Each has their own nature, some might not see the need for it others recognize that humans need their own form of validation and do so for those reasons.

Edit: I added a link to one of such videos showing these orb from a non left hand path point of view

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Ectoplasm , when there’s enough etheric energy given out in ritual or from a person or ritual or place. Spirits can use that to manifest themselves physically in the form of orbs, but it doesn’t have to be orbs, sometimes these orbs take shape.

It’s ectoplasm which is a form of etheric energy and that’s the closest energy to our physical sphere on earth, it’s also the first of your energetic bodies and the most ‘dense’ out of them all.

Mediums produce ectoplasm when manifesting spiritual phenomenon from discarnates or other spirits. There’s many places to look into on the matter


Sick, thanks for the detailed response. You helped me a ton there.

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You mean spirits of the dead? Only this part confused me a bit.

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Oh I meant discarnate spirits, damn autocorrect I’ll edit that along with the rest of the typos

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Like spirits of the dead? Because all spirits are discarnates.

Do you think demons appear as orbs often?

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Demons can manifest as orbs yes when you give off enough ectoplasm for them to manifest that way. Again you give off ectoplasm when you’re in deep meditation or trance or in lots of high energy spells and rituals, often times this is what helps to manifest poltergeist activity around us but we aren’t totally aware of this energy.

But there is a way to manipulate it and control the amount you give off


Haha Yes in this case I was referring to spirits of the dead or others that simply roam around aimlessly most without a sense of purpose,

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I see.

So, deep trance, deep meditation, high energy spells & rituals (I’m assuming sex magic and raising energy with certain vocal vibrations would do nicely, yes?)

What other methods give off ectoplasm?