What are the weirdest requests you have ever received?

I have worked with 15 out of the 72 Goetic beings and look forward to conjuring all of them at some point in my life. I was curious if any of you have received any outlandish requests from any beings you have ever summoned?

There are two requests that made me scratch my head… It was also as this point where all doubt was crushed in my head and I knew it wasn’t just myself talking inside my mind.

First, Halphas wanted hay… yes, hay, like straw… I could not fulfill this request as I don’t have a vehicle so instead he said “weeds and grass”… uh, okay, buddy, sure… So yes I did pick up a bunch of weeds, grass, and flowers and put them in a bag. At the offering I smelled and fingered this bag of weeds lol. Then they were dumped back into nature. Halphas was ecstatic.

Second, Gaap’s request was MUD. Yes, you heard right, he requested mud. He of course held up his end of the bargain (it only took a week) so now I will be sitting in my temple playing with mud lmao. I don’t mind and I like making these beings happy. They work very hard for me.

Share your weirdest requests you have received :point_down:


Belial told me that I would no longer be afraid of snakes.

A few others have also said that I need to love myself the way that I love others.

Lucifer wanted an angel food cake with rose petal infused glaze. I think beezlebub got jealous because it got invaded by ants a day or so later. He also wants me to send my boyfriend black roses.

Lilith, is usually just about the blood and sex. Though she did ask to pet my kitty Moon who pays tribute to her altar.

Another spirit I work with wants to hold a baby in her arms again through me.

Azazel likes poppy flowers.


I got a request from Odin and Co for a freshly baked corn muffin.

Hecate wanted to eat a large dill pickle through me.



Bella, I must admit you made me laugh out loud… These requests are so outlandish they sound like they came straight out of storybook. Yours make mine look normal lol. :joy:


Did you eat the pickle slowly and sensually? :joy:
I have only had Raum ask me for a piece of cake so far. No others have requested food.


No, but I winced a helluva lot.

Sometimes she asks to listen to certain songs, due to how some of them give me the chills.

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I feel like a lot of entities love the sensation of certain things. For example Halphas with the grass, and Gaap with the mud. Wonder what they look like when we give sensual offerings…


That’s a good point. There must be something about it they like. Another time, Hecate asked to see a particularly vivid rainbow through my eyes.

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Also forgot to mention Lilith wants to have a three some with Freya.


This is pretty cool I’ve Hurd that Lucifer liked rmthe rose glaze befor. The only real request I’ve had from them would be Lilith with blood but she showed me she wanted that in a vision. O and Ina dream Loki got pissed off because someone ate his cheese so I’m going to give him some cheese, but I’m worried about what ever animal eats it lol.
I just tried to ask what Lucifer wants and deviled eggs came out but I’ve bearly done this for the most part I mainly just did singing this way back on the day with them that was amazing, and reminds me of Loki saying do you ever song a while back but Loki I recognize his voice when it’s out loud.


Anubis asked me once for fried chicken, and to enjoy the meal with him. I am not even joking on this one

I have had requests for blood from specific parts of my body as well, for example Belial asked for blood from the skin just under my right eye.


Damn wish Lilith made that request of me… I’m scared to be with her until I’m more awake don’t want to end up taking things Into my own hands.


I find her pretty easy to work with. She’s like a gateway to so many other demons and dark spirits. I do a lot of work with her and Lucifer at the same time.


Azazel wanted my last small batch craft root beer…he got it but damn :unamused:


One of the more peculiar requests assigned to me (offering wise) was a cup of the sunscreen I was using at that time (and which got discontinued, sadly.).


I would never EVER touch another man or entity’s cheese. It’s a recipe for disaster.

Curious how you went about blood-letting your eye my friend? Did that not leave a scar under your eye? Also, fried chicken, hmm? Not too shabby, Anubis, not too shabby…

Don’t be scared. Take it slow if you wish to work with her.

It’s very interesting to me that both you and @Dralukmun made offerings of processed food to these beings. I would have figured they hated processed stuff, but you guys proved me wrong. I don’t blame him for wanting your root beer…

What exactly did you do with the cup of sunscreen? Paint me a picture, please. I need vivid imagery of you and your deity having this beach party…

Also, all of you have been cracking me up with these. The amount of spunk and personality these beings have absolutely shatters my mind. It’s unbelievable.


Andras requested that I take a lock of my dog’s hair and bury it under the light of a full moon on a specific day.


I had someone I trusted with a steady hand extract the blood just on the lowest part of my lower eye lid with a Lancet. I do not recommend doing this alone for the obvious reasons and, even though I trusted the individual, it was a test of nerves having a sharp object that close to my eye.

But that was the entire point behind it.

Yeah, the fried chicken threw me off too, but I think the major importance behind that one was more to share a meal with him as opposed to wasting the food. Later I found out that it was common for priests at the time to do the same with food offerings to their gods in that region of the world. Not that i am a priest by any measure of the word


King Paimon asked for a York Peppermint Patty

Venus wanted a piece of Lindt dark chocolate.


Asmodeus doesn’t like me using any technological device when working with him, have to turn it all off, music, nothing, but Belial likes to listen to cryo chamber on YouTube whilst I’m invoking him.


And of course, neither accept an offering of less expensive wine or beer, it has to be the pricey hard to find stuff. Asmodeus likes to share brignac with me and absinthe, Belial has to have expensive wines and top shelf beer.