What are the Pentacles of Venus?

There’s a Grimoire called The Greater Key of Solomon with Kabbalistic magick, you can get it on Amazon. It contains sigils for each of the planets called “Pentacles” (though most of them are not actually pentacles mathematically and I’ve also seen them called petals). Each pentacle is used similarly to other sigils for specific magickal intentions.

“These Pentacles are also proper for obtaining grace and honour, and for all things which belong unto Venus, and for accomplishing all thy desires herein.”


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i see and what makes them so special ?

I have moved this to it’s own topic as it’s not the subject of the OPs question and I don’t want to derail his thread. :+1:

It’s a matter of personal preference. What do you WANT there to be special about them? You’re the practitioner and it’s your magick. Make it happen this way or use a different method, it’s entirely up to you.

If this draws you, I’d encourage you to follow that draw, get the book and try it out for yourself. Not all magick resonates with everyone, so if you find it’s cool for you, run with it.

I rather enjoy the sacred geometry and mathematics in it myself.

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Recently a lot of things are drawing me in i gotta say like the magic of solomon, Jinn magick, Lovecraftian magic or even vampirism which i actually dont quite believe to be good.

but yeah i shall look into it, i assume the pentacles are gateways to the forces of the planets and after activating said gate you decide what the energies of the planets are used for or which qualities of the planet you want in your life?

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Yes, energy flows to where you put your attention, and what it does when it gets there is set by your intention or expectations. A pentacle or sigil lets you focus the quality of that energy, like a finely calibrated tool for performing the work of that energy change.

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goddamn the potential of those pentacles is endless

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