What are the most transformation inducing things a occultist can do?

With this i mean things like the Tree of life, Tree of death, 72 shem goetia challenge or similar things. Maybe even a combination of a few of such process together.

Are there pathworkings with maybe the Norse pantheon like drinking from the well below yggdrasil or something of the likes with the sumerian, greeco-roman, Aztec, Cthonic, Angelic…etc realms.

I am currently going through the Angels of omnipotence intitiation, the tree of life and the 72 shem and goetia challenge with some working with enki aswell and some private rituals. I would like to know of other such things to see what i can do after i am done with these.

Any Ideas guys?

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These are just tools though. It’s what you do with them that’s important.

So, this is a bit like asking, “What kind of DIY projects can I do with Craftsman vs Gewalt brand tools?” The tools all do the same job, so the answer is the same for both.

Do them again, spiraling in to a deeper level. It’s no good switching tools and repeating the same old. If it happens to you as it did to me, you just get bored of yourself as it gets repetitive. To get more out of it that’s meaningful and actually transformative, you deeper into yourself where the tools don’t matter any more.

I would add, allow the universe to bring the answers to you. Now you’ve asked it, if a certain methods has a specific piece you will needs, you’ll come across it naturally. Not that having a poster on BLAG suggest a thing isn’t natural, but there’s no need to perform a catalogue of techniques as if they’re all different.