What are the differnces between dealing with demons-spirits, and angels-archangels?

I woud like to know all differences. from the effectiveness, level of fulfilment, goals, need for protection of not, etc. Some say, there is no dangers or risks working with angels and archangels. Is this exact?

In most cases , they are sent by Yahweh so they can’t put you wrong , however they WILL teach you hard lessons depending on how closely you work with them , like a parent who cares about you , so that’s why they discipline you .

you are referring angels and archangels? What do you mean by telling harsh lessons?

Yup that’s who I’m referring too , like they’d sometimes make you have an unpleasant situation for the sake of self growth and self betterment .

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Nah I don’t think angels are the under the influence of Yahweh , they might have some relations with him , don’t you think that’s a very religious way to view the angels


Bear in mind angels go way beyond and before Yahweh. Just my 2 cents. Some “angels” were around before Yahweh began to grow up with early human consciousness.

There’s no difference besides you’re calling on different race of beings, as well as the fact demons dark elemental energy feels different from angels light elemental energy. They both can fulfill what is requested if they choose to.

there’s a risk with working with both parties. Judeo angels are children of Yahweh, Ma’ati angels are children of ma’at often times are only females or majority females, and erotes are angels of Aphrodite.


That’s inaccurate and shouldn’t be flexed to a newbie since it’s wrong, Angels don’t go beyond or before Yahweh, the angels with 'el behind their name are literally “sons of El” and El is Yahweh, Judeo angels are his children.

Many people dont like their idea of Yahweh but doesn’t stop people from working with his children which it shouldn’t but don’t play it off. There’s many kinds of angels, but just because some are children of Yahweh doesn’t mean much, they still have free will.


Impossible. The only way would be to find out for yourself through experience.

The main difference between angels and demons though, in my experience, is how they work. Angels tend to work from the top down, looking at the bigger pattern of events, and harnessing cosmic and Celestial energies, while demons work from the bottom up, dealing more with the details, and harnessing denser, more elemental forces.

There are dangers in ALL magick. Angels aren’t cute, cuddly kittens. They are warriors, and carry swords for a reason. They can fuck you up just as easily as any demon.


No they definitely are under Yahweh , I’ve been working with them for years and know many others who work with them . They serve Jesus Christ

I agree, minus the jesus christ, I’ve never heard them mention Jesus, personally I view jesus as a thoughtform that came later with the shift of monotheism, or an angel who was once human and became an angel like saint germain, metatron, sandalphon, or practically any of the 7 ray ascended masters.


Not every of them, children of El works for him tho.

Interesting, can You talk more?

Nope. None of this is correct.


Like examples, experiences…

Well, one main difference is surely, that demons may respond to some type of requests, which angels may refuse. And the opposite could be also true. As also, the ways they may choose to have something manifest, may be very different.

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Demons readily show their power if compelled to act. Think of a drunk russian kid going “hold my vodka and watch this!” If you get them engaged they’re eager to have purpose.

Angels paint results in broad strokes. Lots of smaller results that add up through critical moments.

Demons also seem to be quite literal with how they take instructions. Angels paint you the emotional picture you want.

Arch entities overlap. The kings and gatekeepers can produce grand results in the scope of an angel, while the Kabbalistic archangels can act swiftly and cause seeking miricales on a whim it it’s sincere.

This all in my experience


Could you please give an example of how they can fuck you up? I’m reading the “Archangels of magick” (and thinking of buying the “72 angels of magick”) and the book states that working with archangels for example is very safe.

Some more than others. Lol make sure you state things exactly how you want it to be. General is as general gets. Sarcasm is and sarcasm gets…

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