What are the differnces between dealing with demons-spirits, and angels-archangels?

Have you ever stood before an archangel, in all its power and glory? The sheer presence swallowed my room, and I felt very small, very naked, and very vulnerable. It was one of my first successful evocations and it was more terrifying than any demonic evocation to date (angels tend to only show the amount of power they think you can handle. This particular experience hasn’t happened again). Archangels are some of the most powerful beings we can call upon. Extrapolate from that as to how they could fuck you up.

Yes, because they have made it that way. The Gallery of Magick uses Kabbalah, and Hebrew words of power, along with their proprietary sigils to call the angels in a particular way because the work they release is mainly aimed at beginners, and beginners are always asking if the magick is safe.

They wouldn’t sell too many books if they told them instead that no magick is really safe. You are calling in universal forces to change aspects of your material existence. Angels and demons possess incredible levels of power, so if they are capable of using their power to bring boon, then it should be obvious they are also capable of using it to bring bane.

I approach both angels and demons the way I approach any potentially dangerous being, with confidence and respect for what they are fully capable of. Thus far, this attitude has served me well.


Oh, I absolutely realize that and even feel a bit uncomfortable with the GOM idea that they are there to answer our requests (as in who are we to even do that), but based on my reading of their books as well as this forum, it seems that angles (and demons) only deal with our requests and wouldn’t hurt you on purpose. At the worse, they would ignore your request. Do I understand it correctly?

Sure they deal only with your requests, that’s why you should be very careful when you phrase them :slight_smile:

There’s a saying: “be careful what you ask for, cause you might get it”.
In the worst scenario possible you get what you ask for and regret it. This is the only “danger” with GoM books that I know of

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In what mind state do you prepare when you evoke an archangel? Are you filled with confidence and respect? What made you see the archangel? Was there something you’ve changed? What do you tell yourself before you evoke an archangel?

How would you phrase exactly a petiotion, for example asking for money and wealth, for the petition be totally safe for you and yours?