What are the cons of working with chaos deities?

I work with chaos deities and I honestly have felt very anxious lately. I don’t know if it is because of their energy or something else. I just want to know the pros and cons of working with them just to make sure.

Sounds like you lack certainty in your life. Working with chaotic forces can exacerbate that. Know yourself and you know God.


“God”? I’m not Christian.

Depends on the type of chaos deities, Set is a chaos deity but his chaos is in a way creation and destruction, while Apep chaos is destruction, Shiva as a cosmic deity embodies the natural chaos of creation and destruction, same with various other cosmic Gods like Cernunnos, Perun, etc.


I’m currently working with Set and Apep! My life was so much easier before they came into the picture.

I mean I assume you knew what you were getting into when you evoked two Egyptian Deities who represent abrupt change and shaking things up if not than :man_shrugging:


I did! I though their chaos would destroy the things holding me back but it did the exact opposite.

Unless you’re holding yourself back.


Definitely not! I’m doing everything in my power to succeed. My life was a lot easier until they came into the picture. My phone has cracked , my phone and computer has began glitching , jobs haven’t been calling me back after applying and I feel anxious. None of this happened until I invited them into my life. I also feel an intense energy on my all the time.

Well maybe those jobs or certain things are not on your path… Thus they could be guiding the way you need to go

Good luck

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He is saying you ARE god


What about the anxiety and intense energy weighing down on me everyday? What’s that gonna help me with? I’m not understanding how my life became so difficult after envoking them. I though their chaos was supposed to rid of everything keeping me back.

Oh lol

Well it also depends what you have been asking of them… Specifically.
Or if you’ve been specific to phrase it better

If you can’t handle their energies (which idk why you tried to work with both at the same time anyway) the sensation can bring anxiety due to the difference in your energy from their own being overwhelming for you.

I would say end it with them and go on a different path because Set and Apep shake things up and you either fall off or you stay on, some deities simply don’t work well with you.


I see! I wasn’t aware that they shouldn’t be worked with at the same time. I hope I’m not coming off as stupid.


Just tell them that what they are doing is too much and to please stop working on your life if you want them to stop


You’re not no, but they’re both chaos deities you wouldn’t really need both of them to begin with lol.


I see! What type deities should I begin working with then? I guess I should stop working with Vali and Susano’o as well because they are chaotic alos.

Maybe none until you build a foundation on your own two feet.

and no if they are not overwhelming you than you don’t really need to stop and no Susano’o is a storm primordial not a chaos God atleast in the same sense as the Set and Apep and Vali isnt chaos but he’s chaotic in terms of traits.