What are the colors of the Dantien of the Chi energy centers

I want to work more with my Chi energy centers rather than my chakras, but I am having trouble finding pictures or description of their colors. I clearly saw my lower dantien once as a golden sphere sticking out from my abdomen right where my belly button is, but what about the rest?

Also, it seems to be differing opinions on whether they have spin or not. They are described as spinning golden wheels, but the advantage to chakras is the fact that they do NOT have spin, that can suck in negative energies and even astral parasites.

To my knowledge, the dantiens don’t generally have colours associated with them. That is more of a Western New Age thing, though I think Mantak Chia teaches a system of colour correspondences in his system. And the dantiens do not spin. At least, none of the traditional literature I have ever read has said they do, and I’ve read quite a lot of what has been translated into English. They are usually referred to as reservoirs, or cauldrons, where chi is collected, refined, and stored. I have never heard of them being called wheels before. That’s usually a description of the chakras.

Perhaps you can go with the poetic names given to the dantiens in the Taoist inner alchemy literature: the lower dantien is sometimes referred to as the “golden stove,” the middle dantien is the “crimson palace” and the upper dantien is the “muddy pellet.”


I am going to go with the poetic description since it fits with my vision of the lower dantien.

Here I saw the 4 golden spinning wheels: https://resources.soundstrue.com/transcript/the-master-key-awakening-the-four-golden-wheels/

Yes they do spin, everything spins, chi moves in spirals.

Not exactly, and a storage center is not the same thing as qi, it stores qi. Sometimes the qi in it can spiral, sometimes it flows in circles, or lines, sometimes it stagnates and doesn’t flow at all, but most of the time it’s not an issue if you don’t pay attention to the direction or existence of “spin” in an area, it’s more important to watch for strength and quality in terms of the elements.

So, they don’t spin by default especially when undeveloped. When you bring enough energy into them you may notice them start to spin, but also glow, and it’s ok if they don’t spin, needing them to be spinning is not mentioned in the basic trainings, such as, getting the microcosmic orbit to complete.

You can check on this is the excellent qigong primer, The Root of Chinese Qigong by Jwing Ming Yang. I could be wrong but t his is my favourite reference book for qigong and I don’t recall him making a thing of qi “spinning”. It does quite a lot more than just that.

Mantak Chia literally teaches the spiraling and literally states that chi moves in spirals.

Thoth said the same thing in the emerald tablets, that the angelic realms or soul realms were circular and moved in spirals while the more darker and demonic realms were more Edgy, sharp and cornered.

The only cauldron regarding the Dantien is the lower Dantien. They represent the middle pillar of the sephiroth.

Yesod represents the foundation, which is the physical nervous system of the Dantien, the sun represents the qi, or astral body. And kether represents the causal body or physical body, these are the 3 prime bodies from which the light of the gods flow through across various traditions hence the symbolism and correlation


Mercury, salt and sulphur represent the 3 bodies.

The Sumerian tree of life has the 3 central Dantien in the middle with 13 petals which represent the zodiac and the polestar.

This is a universal science. Y’all separate chakras and sephira and Dantien, you think energy moves different from system to system. It doesn’t, the multiversal energy itself moves in spirals…

Y’all are so caught up in traditions but this is simple Macrocosmic anatomy. That the Anunnaki referred too, they aren’t all storage centers and they are supposed to spin, because your toroidal field is meant to spin, the spin only represents the voltage of your aura. You’re trying to follow a tradition without understanding it’s roots, and why it is…

Yesod is known as the cauldron or chalice or the cup because it represents the moon or the water element. When you spin the $wa$tika, the planes within the body that channel the light of the zodiac, you get the solar cross, earth cross, and the black sun, along with the other 2 spheres of the central channel. Earth is stationary because it is the physical manifestation of the spiral completed. The Taoists know of the secret Dantien because of the power they hold and they don’t share it but mantak chia admited there are more than 3. I know it because of my ancestors. And high level cult members also know. But you’re still following the books like a bookworm, instead of living the reality. Once you understand this, you understand WHY it spirals. Everything out here is a spiral.

And as for the last picture, it’s a literal depiction of the highest degree of Wiccan you can possibly find, literally spoon feeding this information to the public. Literally explaining how realms both within the macrocosm and microcosm flow in spirals based on natural voltage. If you don’t understand the magick the Anunnaki taught humans and you solely based “traditions” you’re never going to under the totality of how it all works. And will be living in a subjective fragmented mindset regarding this subject. It’s very clear you’re both linear thinkers. You have to uplevel your mental template to really comprehend the part of your consciousness that’s asleep to this knowledge, im speaking in circles you’re interpreting triangles, hope that makes sense

Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio, 369, even the pentagram… Spirals…

With books you’re able to look, but only a true magician can see through the eye of magick as to how magick flows around and through the universe.

Colors and visualization are all means to an end . It doesn’t matter what color you visualize , if it’s the right location then the energy will respond .

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Is that from Bear Heart?

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:point_up_2: THIS.

Theorize less and get actively doing it, and it will come to you by itself. It’s ok if it doesn’t exactly match the expectations set in books, just keep doing it.

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