What are the Chakras you need open

I only want to do sharpen my Clair abilities

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Yo !no no no … nothing wrong with asking as many questions as you want.


Questions are fine, when you apply the answers you get even better lol. I often work on inner awareness which is basically scanning yourself and outer awareness which is scanning others and the area around you.

Your clairs are pretty much a mix of inner and outer awareness being aware of your energy through all your senses and aware of the energy around you with the same senses. Being capable of picking a choosing which sense you use as well.

Honestly this is Tough For example I do 5 minutes of tai chi and that’s the only time i feel my energy and is only in my hands also around 9pm every night my right hand starts oozing with energy but that’s just about it I cant feel any energy through my body unless is my Companions projecting there energy to me I did worked on my awareness though but to the point the I’m on some level awareness of stuff around like the smallest black spot on a white green all colors wall I’m able to spot it with realizing it I dont know it that counts

Third eye chakra also known as Forehead chakra is the chakra to work on for astral senses. Ajna means brow chakra. They are different.

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It’s easy to answer. They didn’t.

The Hindu chakra system is only a relatively recent addition to the Western Magical Tradition, through the New Age movement via Theosophy.

Before the 19th century, magicians used other rituals to affect the same results ( in a way similar to the Golden Dawn’s Middle Pillar)