What are some good books from Jinn magick?

I know of practical jinn magick and things like shams al mareif or the picatrix but are there other books in englisch for some good djinn magick you know?

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Is the Book of smokeless fire rly beginner unfriendly and what would “Beginner” mean in that context?

Based on conversations we’ve had on this forum, it’s basically a rehash of the 29 Deadly Names by Nineveh Shadrach. It’s not friendly to anyone, let alone beginners and that book was take off the market as the author who decided after the fact that it was dangerous, being a tool of trickster types to get access to people.

I have used it and been able to have reasonable conversations with one of the Djinn, but as a peer not as the book recommends, which does the whole, “use a sword to subdue the spirit and force it to do shit” thing. I think that’s why I had no problems. To me, thee entities are not bad, but they don’t want to be bothered by needy mages asking for favours. I did not get any results, unsurprisingly.

You can try it, an risk making them irritated by using the forceful methods, in which case you should have your protections and ability to counter measure and fix your energy on point.

So, “beginner” is someone who doesn’t have that kind of experience and spiritual hygiene set up, so will have no idea how to defend themselves or clear curses if they receive them.

If you’re confident in your ability to fight a spiritual battle having started it as the aggressor, then it’s up to you. Personally, I think there are so many other friendly entities that do want to help this seems self defeating, but some people just like to poke bears so more power to them. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


If you are not opposed to the idea to use the names of God and to approach the workings from a very islamic point of view (recitations from the Quran are a must in there) I would recommend “Red Magick” by Abd al-Fattah al-Sayyid al-Tukhi.
It is available in English; however, it is very sparse with certain informations and there are no explanations from the translators or additional references (also the grammatical structure is a bit “crude”, sometimes). It should be available in digital format, otherwise there are still hardcover books around.


So hard to get English versions of this, kindle/an ebook.

Beginner I could define as a person who doesn’t have much knowledge and experience on magick. The Jin’s on smokeless fire are titled unfriendly because if you evoke them, those djins have malevolent energies that is undeniable you could feel it openly.

So for the person who is inexperienced but psychic opened (there are people who are naturally open to psychic energies) it may freak them out.

I used them back then 3 of them along with abbadon and my target never cursed me again she learned her lesson.

The Jin’s from smokeless fire are real and if you send them well they work BUT if you only need to practice Jin magick use books like practical Jin magick by corwin hagrove, red magick, Nineveh shedrack has some books about Jin’s.

Though on secrets of ancient magick the book is not all about Jin’s but it has some Jin work inside. You could also use berhatiah I have never used it myself but it’s on my to do list. (all by the same author)

Plenty of benevolent books available so stay away from smokeless fire currently. Because those Jin’s can do much more than what author listed.

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yeah aight that book aint for me then it seems not because i am a beginner but because i dont believe in forcing entities to do anything for me

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I dont mind approaching it that way but it does it try to bind or force the djinn?

Not from what I could gather. It bends the evocation process into “religious permissible” shape, though (= acknowledging Allah and his prophet as the OG, above the Jinn).

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i see, what do you think abt using jinn magick for ascent? like helping with kundalini awakenings for example, kundalini occurs due to the inner fire agni stimulating the kundalini and Jinn being spirits of smokeless fire should fit pretty well right?

and other things like developing psychic abilities, astral projection, soul travel, siddhis etc…

,Also what ritual in the practical jinn magick would you recommend to aid with the kundalini or ascent in general?

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I am not too familiar with kundalini awakening, but I could imagine that a Jinn would be able to help out in the Shaktipat department (if we want to stay with the vedic teachings) :slight_smile:

I am convinced that they are able to unblock these qualities (in their own ways, that is). I have noticed dissolved blocks in certain energetic fields inside of myself after working with some of them :+1:

I would not be able to determine this, I haven’t read that book :sweat_smile:

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I am convinced that they are able to unblock these qualities (in their own ways, that is). I have noticed dissolved blocks in certain energetic fields inside of myself after working with some of them :+1:

did those qualities unblock by themselves just by working with them?

I would not be able to determine this, I haven’t read that book :sweat_smile:

and i see but thank you, your input was great

does someone else know ?

Not adding anything to the conversation other then I thought you’d like this picture

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Very cool, I like it! Saved to my local drive :smiley: Thanks!