What are some books you recommend?

For now I mainly want work on chakras and blockages so I can see just as well as I feel. Can’t work properly with something you can only sense, ya know?

Later I would like to get started on proper rituals so I can work on somethings that I’ve been wanting to do but one step at a time. Have to learn to walk before you can run.

So far some of you have recommended:

  • Tree of the Qlipoth
  • Introduction to Magic by the Ur Group

Is there anything else? Even though I have my own list of books, I want to redo it because it pales in comparision to what you guys are recommending.

1- The clavicula Salomonis - Mathers
2 - 3 books of ocult philosophy
3 - Rituel e Dogme de Haute Magie by Eliphas Levi, or the traduction by AE Waite ( Part I and II );
4 - The book of Sacred Magick Abramelin the mage


Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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khabala magic and the great work of self transformation by lyam thomas christopher

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