What Are Ouija Users Using to Stay Safe?

I just want to know something, then i forget it.

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What Are Ouija Users Using to Stay Safe? :thinking:


Or banishing rituals.


The ouija should be placed upon a round 3-legged table of wood, without nails, lowering the lights as much as possible. There are two rules contradicting each other: participant’s number should be odd, and alternating male-female-male… well, I guess that there will be a spot where 2 men or women will be near. And light incense.
(It’s also true that theoretically it may be done by a single individual, as well.)

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@charles9 Wow! I laughed so hard when I saw that post. Thanks for that!

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You don’t need a special table or incense… look, If you are using a quija board Remember to use a little personalized ritual to open the board ONLY to the spirit you are trying to contact. Then when are done remember to CLOSE the board to all entities with a personalized ritual. So many people DON"T close the board. And that is when you start getting problems. The board acts as a portal of sorts, a doorway. If you want to be safe you need to remember to lock your door at night. it that simple

EXAMPLE: “lord lucifer I invite you into this space, and open this board to you so that you may share your wisdom”

“Lord Lucifer I thank you for your knowledge and wisdom, let us both now return to our paths, and may there be peace between us always. The board is now closed to all”


I plan to get me a ouija board, however, I’m going to alter it energetically.