What are Demonic Angels and Angelic Demons?

Hi there wonderful person, could you please tell me what Demonic Angles and Anglelic Demons are? also do you got example names. i know that Lucifer is a angle and a demon. but i dont know if thats the same.

He is not an angel and a demon , he’s a demon , I think what you mean to say is he’s a fallen angel


I’m assuming you mean angel and not angle?

I did a quick forum search, followed by google and can’t find anything related to demons and angles so I’m going to assume you mean angels.

Unfortunately I don’t know what your seeking, but thought I’d chime in to verify the wording, if you do indeed mean angel it might make search a little easier- with the right word :wink: if not don’t mind me- my apologies and happy searching.


This will come down to everyone’s personal opinion and experience. We really don’t have anything irrefutable, just like most of our practices and beliefs.

It may help (others) to know why you’re interested and looking to get out of the question.


I think the OP need to first understand himself and know what he’s talking about.

Demonic Angels.
Angelic Demons.

First explain what these two mean. Because to me it’s the same. It’s like switching the words: Demonic angels/Angelic Demons. I don’t see the point here.

I would help you correct this: Lucifer WAS an Angel but now a Demon, though he may have some light and angelica energy left in him, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s fully not among those “all brilliance” beings. (That’s why when some people invoke Lucifer, he will appear as a beautiful Angel, all white vestement, cool breeze).
He still belongs to the Nine Orders, same as other Demons.


i read here on this forum. that lucifer got a balans of demonic and angelic energies.

From my understanding, angelic demons are supposed to be demons that have ascended into the angelic current, or are naturally born/created with it, giving them an angelic aspect. Demonic angels would be the same concept, only reversed. I’m not so sure if I fully believe or understand this idea.


i feel so stupid right now…

there was one more thing what i wanted to say about the pdf’s. i spoke with the author and he said just work with the King’s/Rullers. the other Pdf you can use as hints of the powers from the King’s. i labeld every 0-9 with a diffrent planetary symbol so i know which King it is.

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There’s no such thing as demonic angels and angelic demons.

There are angels that join the infernal nation, theyre still angels, there’s demons who may or may not want to be demons and look to being something other than demon (by means of soul transmutation) angel being one.

Lucifer is neither angel nor demon, he can be likened to a Roman God who became a “Dark” God, by this I mean atleast in my opinion a dark energy deity.


i heard the terms in a video about evocations.
i want to know the revalant information. so i can make sense of the structere. and aso i like to know the information about there abilities.

I did read them, life has just been crazy so I haven’t delved into working with it. I can definitely see a few of them that could beneficial to my works however.

Don’t feel stupid- we all make mistakes, goodness knows I have typos that make zero sense- in literally every post I make.

:slight_smile: it’s all good.

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Lucifer is a Dark Archangel, not a demon


i have found a video that maybe interesting related to the work. but it could be that you already knew is short video
begin before 10:52


From the Christian mythology, mostly coming from the book of Enoch, which in itself was based on the Sumerian original, demons are in fact rebel angels, or in other words rebel gods that rebelled against their king, Yahweh in the Bible, Enlil in the Sumerian original. As a result, they were cast down into the Abyss / Abzu, which is the Sumerian underworld, a vast kingdom that exists deep below the surface of the earth and is also shifted into another dimension, so once you enter, you can rarely escape from it.

The difference between the gods of Heaven (angels) and the gods of the Abyss (demons) is only in terms of their allegiance and where they reside. There are similar stories all over the world about gods vs titans, devas vs asuras, etc…

I guess it is a matter of perspective, which group your prefer and see as benevolent.

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Thats about regular Angels and Demons, how about Demonic Angels and Angelic Demons ?

Angels and demons aren’t Gods atleast born Gods, the difference is their race is different from the other. Angels and demons are not limited to the heavens and the abyss either as Ma’at angels aren’t heavenly, infernal demons aren’t abyssal, the abyss and the infernal are different places, ones a realm and ones a nation.

Angelic demons and demonic angels aren’t exactly a thing, outside of angels who decide to join the infernal and demons who may seek to become angels down the line which is pretty ‘rare’.


Lucifer is a god dude.


as well possibly yes,m but from my workings, he shares many similarities with Michael, but then again, Michael was a god in Sumer too

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Say what.?! Back up your claim.

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