What a F**Ked Experience

Hi BALG Gang,

Ive got an ex in my life that is wrecking havoc.

After splitting with her my health has taken a Massive hit. My legs feel shackled to the under ground, making my movement slow & heavy. My heart is rapid on some occasions.

She has entrenched herself in a group of occultist and the word is she has placed a vengeful Hex on me to destroy everything I have worked for. And it seems to be working. My Q is How can I stop this hex and return it to sender.

Many Thanks, Nexus

Are you doing daily LBRP? King Bael from ars goetia can protect you and all curses and hexes are ricocheted to the sender. Combine it with archangel Michael who will protect you overall. You want to bind her using Duke Alloces who can bind the harmful !


A bit of research and a simple forum search that took all of 5 seconds came up with this:


Damon Brand’s magickal protection book might be a handy read and it’s easy to follow



Thanks for your response. Ive been doing RTS rituals, yet this is a consistent layered approach over many months. Attacking my health, wealth and good friendships. Their good at what they do.

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Thank you Inner Goddess, will do

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Thanks for the tips. Appreciate it :+1:

Do not let yourself get mad at yourself for not finding the keywords search to break the Hex, brother

I once experienced something like you

I have been an occultist since the late 80s. Not always a Sorcerer, and while affected I could not find the rites I needed to break it

As soon as someone else helped

It turned out I had a bookmark (part of me must have known she was poison) in my personal journal/grimore to the exact rite and could not find it cause the hex was protecting itself

That was my experience
Felt it may help brothers and sisters of BALG to see this now



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Highly recommend this. Probably the most powerful protection book out there. However, it won’t return the spell to her, so you should call on other spirits or do other magick to curse her how you wish. That book will protect you from everything while you do so.


Surtur can destroy any spell and is very beneficial for sending it back to an attacker.

The runes Algiz and Sowillo are very good for protection too.

Also cleanse daily.

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Hopefully this post is enough:)

Meant to post it first… but felt a call to comment on this thread too strongly and was technically at my day job

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Thank you brothers and sister of the path.

I should explain my experience to get a greater understanding of the impact this curse has inflicted upon me.

Before this curse, I was healthy with a vitality if life and my spirit was high. I am known for my love of life and the goodness I have within me.

I was the one to withdraw my love from my ex. She has even communicated that she felt my love leaving her. She has then befriended a lead member of the Merkavah sect. It is then that the attacks started to occur.

My throat chakra is better now, but at one stage words where hard to come by. My vitality of life has dropped to the ocean floor. It’s hard for me to get moving in all areas of life. And a dark entity the size of the mountain has been wrecking havoc. This entity is a concern, it powerful, vercocius and wants my blood.

Your knowledge is appreciate,


I suspect you may know a thing or two :slight_smile: