Return to sender ritual

This is a simple ritual I came up with for when you are under attack by one or multiple targets
Did it yesterday worked like a charm.
Things you will need:
*A candle preferably black

Step #1 Do your opening, invoke cardinal spirits or whatever you normally do to get into a ritual state of mind.

Step #2 Focus on The candel and let go of yourself until you are in a trance state.
I use the sunyata method for this

Step #3 Envision behind you in the mirror are star(s) or light(s) representing the source of negitive energy being directed at you.
Don’t focus on the number of them just trust your astral vision.

Step #4 Begin physically pulling all of the negitive energy that doesn’t belong out of your body and Aura keep pulling and pulling it all out this could take a while but once you have it all out roll into a big orb like ball in front of you.

Step #5 (For optimal effect)
Focus on the ball of dark energy you just removed from yourself and amplify it by directing your will into it think about what you want your target(s) to experience as a result of thier attack on you.

Step#6 Step to the side of the mirror Imagine the Ball of energy starts going into the Stars or lights behind you, being absorbed slowly focus on this until the ball of dark energy is gone.
Then wipe your hands and blow the resisdue behind you.

Step#7 recenter and ground yourself in your own unique energy, close the ritual space and forget about the operation.

I recommend some energy raising afterwards or feeding :yum:


I really wish i would have some guiding me to this rituals. thanks for caring

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Spell for reversing: Obtain a black and white reversing candle and reversing oil. A rusty nail. Patchouli incense, dragons blood incense. After cleansing the reversing candle with salt water, hold it tightly in your hands until you can feel your pulse. Put your intent into it, “see” the curse returning to those who sent it, and your life peaceful and free of this curse. When finished charging candle, drive a heated nail between the white and black part of candle, deep enough so it won’t fall out. Write targets name on small piece of white paper. Turn paper upside down, so the name is upside down, and set candle on it. Light incenses and light candle. Spell: ( name, if you have it) the baneful curse you sent to me, returns to you, and I am free. Your wrongful actions, for them you pay
Free of your curse, I shall stay.So be it.

  • Repeat the spell until you know you’ve said it enough times* Do this spell starting on a Saturday at the Saturn hour, and finish it on a Tuesday at the Mars hour. Let it burn completely on the last day, take remnants far from your home and dispose, never return to that spot. Good luck. Divina

Was going to say the mail is supposed to fall out on its own lol