Has anyone actually communicated or worked with a wendigo? Lets discuss!


Long years ago, between 12 and 14, I’ve seen Wendigo-like creatures appearing in the near of persons who are close to their death - in my visions and dreams. It was something like a “mark” on them, and all of those people and animals are died within the next two weeks. They’re never wanted to hurt me in these visions/dreams.

That’s all my experiences with Wendigos or Wendigo-like creatures. Still a mystery why am I saw them before, and I figured out whos they are just after my experiences, so I didn’t know them before these, and for some reasons, they’re vanished.

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That’s interesting, like actually interesting. I’ve always been fascinated with monster-like creatures, and as a black magus we should be able to work with them correct? That’s what I think at least.

Wiindigoag are not something to work with. A Wiindigo is mindless, always seeking out prey to devour, growing larger on a successful hunt. As a manitou, Wiindigoag are seen as the harshness of Winter, the chill of death from exposure- the embodiment of carnivorous, cannibalistic insanity. They are the decay of the soul, not in an evil sense, but an empty mortal sense. No tribe I know of who recognizes the Wiindigoag have any rituals or prayers for them. They are seen as a supernatural force of nature and a malevolent curse to cross one.


A wendigo the petranatural being that feeds on human flesh and bone has created much fear. It is always hungry and never stops feeding. Native Americans believe that a wendigo is created when a man turns to cannibalism. Many Native Americans who have had wendigo nightnares asked to be executed before they do any harm to the tribe and become cannibals because the cold winter hunting season provides no food.

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@lawclerk … that’s really interesting. Any idea what it looks like? I had a dream last week that I was fighting masses of creatures that I named windegos in the dream. I don’t recall having come across any information about them. They were dark animal beings that stood in two legs and had clawed “hands”. Covered in gray fur and flew. In the dream I saved a family they attached by killing them with lighting/magic/ heat when I ran out of energy, that shot out of my right hand. Then they stole a baby from the family, and I was hunting them down.

Toward the end I’d gotten a sign from four princesses- red doves, that the “kingdom” was falling and that fight would be hard, I had to find shelter all sorts of animals, even extinct ones, that they had sent out in male and female pairs to seek safety so that the kingdom could be rebuilt.

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Very interesting vision. A monster (Wendigo) is often our projection of a person or situation that is totally unsympathetic to our wishes or feelings. In this case a flesh eating, carnivious Wendigo attacking a family and you fighting it off.

In visions strange and unusual creatures exist. Some fascinate us, some terrify us. Monsters or other creatures are used as symbols to convey a message.

These deadly creatures are our very own personal symbols, often cobbled together from different monsters in stories, films and mythology.

Wendigos are flesh eating, destructive, violent monsters. This can indicate you have a habit, maybe even a compulsion or addiction that is consuming you. It might be time for a more balanced approach to life.

You are attacking the monster, trying to kill it with your magical powers. This might be an angry reaction to a part or our-self we can’t accept in fighting off your compulsions.

Your vision is telling you to face what you don’t like, change what you can, and be kind to ourselves for those things beyond our control.

The monster is hungry, and wants to eat you alive. Since, monsters are creatures of our imagination, usually indicates we are dealing with something we don’t want to face, or something you don’t understand. You should stop judging yourself by other people’s standards, and accept yourself for who you really are.

The four princesses could indicate a message from the 4 gate keepers that they are sending the vision. The dove’s roles as spirit messenger, maternal symbol (princesses) and liaison impart that you should slow down and try to gain inner peace that helps you to go about your life calmly and with purpose.

The red birds represents freedom or transcendence that you are aware of being negative or dangerous. Getting your freedom back through violence, fighting, or with no concern for others feelings, perhaps fighting with family members who are trying to hold you back, attaining freedom through cheating somehow to help only yourself escape a restrictive situation.

Finally, after your fall, perhaps a failed relationship, you are seeking solice to rebuild what has been destroyed by making new relationships with honest good will.

Monsters in dreams can be our fears made manifest, but not all dreams of monsters have evil intent. Such visions may come as we start to confront the problems or concerns we have.

The vision may help to understand the transitions from fear to freedom, with the changing monster to red doves of peace, helping us understand our own transitions. Some monster dreams may be of mysterious, monsters. These kind of dreams may indicate a powerful period of transformation occurring, with new skills and outlooks on life developing inside us that we cannot fully understand or recognise yet.


WTF, you too?

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I’m very glad that I’m not the only one with similar experiences then. I wonder is the reason behind our experiences with Wendigos. I should do some research one day.

By the way, I’ve read that cooperating with Wendigos are real and possible - but clearly not for everyone I have at least one in common feature with them - I’ve sometimes fantasized about eating raw human flesh - it’s coming from always “nowhere”, and I absolutely don’t know why - it’s already exist inside me (it started long years ago), but didn’t thought too much about it’s origin.
If I have to say something about it, then maybe because I connected to them while these visions are happened, but it is not 100%.

The YouTube just showed this video to me anyway, just some minutes ago (this is why the tought came into my mind that I haven’t answered yet):

Interesting, because I didn’t searching for Wendigos on my browser in the near past. :thinking:


It might be that we associate them to wendigos due to their appearance but they are some sort of psychopomp entities? Like the ones who would reap the “souls” in the name of the Chthonic entities? Don’t know.

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Hmm. I was thinking of sending one towards a victim, as a curse. If they’re mindless then it wouldn’t work. Damn.

Well this is an interesting idea, and let’s be honest, this isn’t a simple topic anyway.

Well known fact that most Wendigo reports are coming from Canada, which has it’s own climate you know. But their size, shape and color of different Wendigo populations are varied by where they lives. For example in colder areas they’re usually larger, have more hair while Wendigos in warmer climates are smaller, more human-like, have a lack of hair and ‘more inventive in predatory action than brutal’. I’m convinced about it anyway.

Based on this fact, it isn’t that secret that even across Europe, you can hear encounters of Wendigos. Which makes this whole situation more difficult that there are creatures whom also have human-like shape and similar features like Wendigos living in warmer areas, so without hair, with pale skin.

In my country we know similar creatures calling “tree-rippers” (‘fanyűvő’), while in other countries people would call them ‘Rake’, for example. Their features and behavior can be also similar.

I’ve met similar creatures even on the steppes, but close to smaller forest-nets. It’s also proves that lot of them how very adaptable.

Let’s be honest, every culture has it’s own creatures, and you can see clearly that some of them shows similarities, for reasons, while differences between them can be explainable by their different environment, which requires different kind of features, knowledge and behavior to be able to live with more efficiency.

I’m not doubt that lot of them also can be a spirit / spiritual being anyway.
I have a biologist friend who claimed that they can be a different chain-link of the human evolution.

  1. I’m pretty sure wendigos aren’t real and were only fabricated by the Algonquin tribe as a means to explain why people resort to cannibalism when there’s a food shortage during a harsh winter. This was before psychology was practiced.

  2. If they were real, trying to cooperate with them is a horrible idea as they only wish to eat humans and nothing else.

Just to be difficult, if they aren’t real how can we possible know their only wish is to eat us…


There are countless stories about encounters with Wendigos. Believe me, those persons who met them already, won’t care about what do you think, because you didn’t saw that what these people did, and when the danger is real, no one will give a single fuck about sceptics, even former sceptics. This is fact.
Just spend a little time about reading stories, you’ll find thousands of them, then you’ll see.

Of course, you can’t prove to yourself that they are real, but you can’t prove they aren’t neither, because you didn’t saw a single one. Which means from your perspective that they can be real or ‘fake’.

So what now? Well… in this situation you can believe in what you want… But I hope you know that, the more people reporting similar things, the more real the creature itself, and you can not handle it as a fiction, or at least, you shouldn’t. But every time when I’ve met wild stories and with a random sceptic, he was unable to find logical answers, everything what he repeated was: “it is a lie”. A very weak and desperate attempt.

The second story was very intense, and proved by local policemen.
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Do not get close. U can not work with them they will tear your face off. Besides they are a physical creature not a spirit. I have seen a wendigo with my own two eyes it was a terrifying experience. If u have a wendigo nearby, get the fuck away from there. They’re very hard to kill and they’re extremely fast have great sight smell and strength. They can also mimic human voices. Contrary to popular belief they do not have horns. They are terrifying beasts that only an ancient experienced shaman could have even tried to control. So stay the fuck away from them. It’s for your own safety. Don’t want you to die,


They are fucking real I have seen one. And ur right it’s fucking idiotic to try and get near one


I’ve found some documents about they can grow horns, but this is not frequent. Based on this fact and spended a lot of time with researching, I can say that they’re can live almost everywhere, all around the world. So just because most of us know them as Wendigo, it doesn’t meant that in X and Y places they call and know them in this name.

What I’ve saw long years ago was very similar like this:

But without horns.


Same as to what I saw.

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That’s interesting I wonder if Ithaqua the first wendigo has horns @Nagash