Weird shit going on

Ok y’all I am doing general discussion for this because there is a few things I want to put here that is going on with me personally and I want to see if I am losing my damn mind or if others are having stuff Off too.

  1. My tarot readings are NOT answering the questions I am asking but going down an unrelated, dark and creepy path. Which never happens. I have been reading since I was 10 and even with normal playing cards my reading were really spot on. I am pretty sure something wants my full attention and is breaking into my reading. I did 20 different spreads, questions and pulls and they all have the same message. Which is unheard of for 20 different people with completely different questions.

  2. I have had this really strong I am being watched feeling coming from windows, mirrors and black tv/ computer screens.

  3. There’s been a couple of times at night I have taken the puppy out and I feel like something rushed up on me. I am being really lazy with my Magick so I am not actively working with anyone or call upon anything new. The energy is unknown and I can’t get a good view of it. I have read in other groups mainly RHP are feeling this. I do a lot of white healing Magick so I wonder if it’s because if that? Or maybe the earth is just off and I am so nature based I am feeling it? If anyone is also LHP and sensed this let me know

  4. I have had some pretty wild mood swings. I am a Libra and pretty balanced. But I have some days where I flat out ugly cried for no reason at all.

  5. I am having morning sickness like symptoms. I actually had to take the morning off today because I was having them really really bad… This is something crazy. It has been as bad as I was with my son. I have had spirit pregnancies and they didn’t case anything this serious. I am baffled with this since I have been thinking a lot about babies too. See my news journal because of the bio clock.

  6. The amount of visions and knowing I have been having is off the charts. This is something I have always had but it would be like once a month or a few times a year. Lately it is everyday and even a few times a day. They are always the same

Nature’s energy is just heavy right now too and there is just a lot of shifting. I was wondering if all of this is tied into that or if I am just bat shit crazy :woman_shrugging:t2:


I recently drew 4 archangel sigils and put them under my pillow to connect with them while I sleep , never slept better and I feel great and protected


Which 4 did you use?

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Metatron Raphael Michael I cant remember the other one




Thanks there’s one I that group that he and I do t jive well. But it is even really a sleep thing. Oh I need to add something. I forgot!!

Huh well whoever you feel drawn too you could lay the sigil under your pillow , angels come when you call though atleasr for me , someone said metatron was with me in my presence watching me that helps maybe lol

I saw that somewhere else today, unless it was you? :thinking:

Definitely this.


Ya I am feeling like the veil between worlds is at its thinnest currently thoughts are manifesting quick I think the earth is supposedly moving into a higher vibrational frequency and those with fear are not coming just my baby thesis though


That sound like an spy to me, your ways of communicating with the responses are being closed/blocked then? (Regarding to tarot cards)


Maybe I said it when I said I felt crazy? I don’t remember I was too busy choking on soda.

I just popped into my mom group admin chat and 3 other women said they have the morning sickness feeling too. Granted we are all of child bearing age.


Love you but if I see “fear” demonised on here one more time… :scream_cat: :rofl:


In the millions of visions I have had there is no “end” just a new beginning. So I am pretty sure we are all safe.


Lol but fear stops flow of everything to express yourself to act to talk , it is like shutting off the human river of energy and expression with a dam :upside_down_face:

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They are just completely off. Like there is the urgent message for me. It had only happened maybe 4 times since I was 10 years old. And to have it happen so much much… I need to find the reason for it. I am super bonded with the 3 decks I was using so it’s odd for them all to do this.


The mental picture of human energy just dammed you is an interesting one…

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ive been listening to too much sadghuru, guy is a legend :joy:


I’ve so grounded on the mundane in this days, but since years I heard (and my relatives) have heard of this new beginning, I’m impatient about it and I don’t stop asking, the responses are basically changes in the nature of the earth and the habitants, nothing new, just a neverding cycle.


I can’t say if some of what’s been going on in my arena is the same as yours, but there have been some…disturbances… lately.

Typically, I don’t have issues with lesser beings coming into the house. I do a sort of banishing before/after ritual and regularly have Honored Guests in the area - meaning someone stopped by, if you will. The other night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got bum-rushed by a little ankle biter thinking it was a Bull Mastiff… I seem to still be here if you’re reading this and it got…recycled…

I was looking into doing some investigations into my Pele notes I’ve posted a few times. Thing was, I also noticed I was overly-emotional, both during the day and when getting ready to start to explore this undercurrent I should be looking at. I couldn’t seem to sync up with myself, was overly emotional, etc…

I concluded that I’m tapping into the general anxiety, uncertainty, and fear that seems to be permeating the environment with all of this Corona crap going on. I centered, used ritual music to help get my focus going on, and still had some issues.

I’ve had the clairs at least partially open for as long as I can remember and suspect I can be empathic at times. Perhaps you’re tapping into a similar vein?


World taking a breath before final doom? :joy: