Weird shit and N.'. S.'

So I am kinda shaken up after a few dreams I have been having and I am hoping you guys might be able to help. Necromantic Sorseries will be N.’. S.’. for short. Here is a bit of a back story, I have always loved blackmagick, necromancy and Saturn. 5 or so years ago when I started to look into blackmagick I looked at books on necromancy on youtube and found BALG. Watching Dante Abiel talk about his book and his workings I was obsessed. I have not practiced any necromancy but am still determined to become one as of now.
So 5 or so years later I found the book. I have had in total 3-4 dreams and a few things happen IRL that seemed related to my passion to become a necromancer. I have written down the dreams and they will be in order of occurrence and in 3 categories Dreams, IRL and temple. They will be shortened to save on time.

1: I was dreaming of people digging up a grave, as they did I saw 2 black pillar candles with the snake on them from N.S. BALG page still up if you want to see it. As they did I saw a coffin then arose a native amarican spirit with wings he handed me a scythe and I woke up.

2: As I was falling back to sleep after reading 3 or so chapters from N.’. S.’. I don’t know what got me to read it now after leaving it alone after IRL1 happened. As I was doing this I imagined I was in my minds temple I was meditating and chanting “Om and Om Mani Padme Hum” as it was the only chant I know and I can’t see what gave me the idea to do this in the first place, but I fell asleep and I woke up to see a coffin above me it opened and I saw a decomposing corpse, I can’t remember all of what I said but here is a bit “. . . What the hell happened to this corpse” or something it that affect and the coffin closed. Read temple 4 to hear the rest.

3: I went back to sleep and time passed in the dream I then dreamed off a plain crashing and it went threw the airport, I fell to my knees crying as I heard that someone close had passed. Two people came to mind ether my sister or a stronger feeling my dad. I was handed a pamphlet. I read it and read “Symbols associated with . . . Baphomet” I did not read who had died but I woke up rather distressed.

1: Around the time of getting N.’. S.’. I have a friend who had a pet it was sick and on its last legs as soon a I started reading the book the very next day it died not in a horrible way just passed away, that very same day I was also at a coffee shop and talking with one of the workers asking how her day was going and she said a family member died.

1: As I was meditating I managed to see a hunched over old woman not in detail just she reminded me of a swamp hag from the witcher games. I mean no disrespect just that is what she reminds me of. She walked past me and I have not seen her again until I think dream 2 and temple 4.

2: So I tend to walk back and worth in my room / temple and listen to music lost in my own imagination I was alone that night. I saw a black hooded figure tho it was not physical I just kinda knew I said “hi” I felt it then it was gone. I then saw it via my third eye as I was showering it seemed to be in there before as I walked in the area was dark and I kinda felt like I saw it. So it was starring at me for a bit I got my mind off of it.

3: As I was sleeping my head was resting on my arm and I felt something violently pull my arm and made my head fall.

  1. I woke up from dream 2 and felt something pushing on my arm and pressing on the bed I tried to call for help but to no avail, I felt her place her hand on me I also got the hint that I insulted her. I then started saying over and over again “I am sorry!” and I meant it as I did not want to insult her. Then after that I was able to move again.

So what makes it stranger is all the stuff that happened are things that are written in the book.
The old lady reminds me of “Planath’Raeni” She is a female spirit she is a thin hag. As described in the book. Kinda a stretch but still.
It also says that those who walk the Saturian Necromancy will have those they love and things they love pushed away and die.

Sorry for the long and all over the place post just I have never dealt with this before and even tho I was shaken I am still determined to continue with blackmagick. I just don’t know what all this means so any help would be awesome. I am also looking to buy a copy for a lower price if anyone has a copy they are willing to sell.


What is your background and ethnicity, if you don’t mind my asking? A few representations in the dreams of cultures. Try working mortuary transport if you want to work with the dead. Be mindful of law and procedures.

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Well I am basic bitch as it gets, I am white from a Christian background mostly European and Irish with some Slovak in there. As far as taking the action and reaction I am taking that into consideration. I am torn between wanting to push myself and what ever happens to me is fine I am willing to take the burden how ever I also feel like a piece of shit as I don’t want others hurt yet I am drawn towards a path that is going to hurt others. Do I take the steps or not. What’s worse is you can’t talk to others about this without getting the “How can you even conceder it?!” and “How dare you be so selfish as to be willing to go threw this and possibly die and leave others with the pain?!” and the main even “You are crazy and we need to lock you up for your safety! Here have some pills they will make all the voices go away and keep you crazy while the nuthouse profits off of you.” So I am conflicted, I hope this answers your questions.

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No offense, but a wasp was my impression. Celtic particularly with the McBeth Hag. There was the original spirit, a representative of the reaper or Saturn, native American.
It sounds like death was thick in the air.
But … There is a duo often in the dreams, which to me on Qabbalistic tarot this morning, in meditation I found metaphysical ideas of number like Pythagoras axioms.
Two indicates stored energy, potential for action. Corresponds to Cups and Kings as initial outpouring of energy into Briah. Earth related to gravedigging, Water of Earth, Queen of Discs. Harmonious change.
Scythe wielding spirit points to transformation or Scorpio.

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No offense taken. I have been going threw a lot of changes. Also what do you mean by wasp?

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White anglo-saxon protestant.I had a celtic vibe.

Is that good or bad?

Good. Just an observation.
What is your real fear here?

I would say, the death of my family. I can take my own fuck ups but them being punished for my actions is something that I’m scared of.

Might not be the book for you, then?

Occam’s razor and all that.

Though for all the talk of how one cannot reverse course, “Dante” backed away pretty quick and started wearing normal, coloured clothing again, bit of a change from the gothic look he had more of when this was published.


Good point as usual @Lady_Eva, have you ever had a path you wanted to walk for so long only to walk away?

Well, I actually walked one for a long time, then walked away:

It’s not a bad thing, we evolve… only someone with no mind never changes their mind.

JMO. :smiley:


Watch this and decide if this is your path


I already have several times.

What ended up happening to Dante, anyway? He has effectively no online presence that I can ascertain, and unsubstantiated rumors from a post or two on here claim he became a Christian and renounced the occult. :smile:

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There are other ways to work with the dead, and other risky paths if that’s also what you want. :smiley:


This and necromancy are not the same. Necromancy is black magick, but black magick is not necromancy.

As @Lady_Eva said, there are plenty of ways to work with the dead. If you want a dedicated path, check into the cabal.

If you aren’t willing to live in death and its wake, I dont believe this is the best path for you, personally. But I dont know you, or your capabilities. For all I know, this may be your life calling.

Just pitching my two cents.


To be pedantic, psychopomp work isnt black magick, it’s a kind of healing and fits wityh white magickal ideas. I know, I’m a… :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s that, mediumship, and ancestral work, all pretty much can go where you want, dark or light, all conquer the fear of death.


You know what I mean .-.


Yup but the deceased are people too, and get a bad rap, so I was just edjercatin’ our wider audience. :smiley: