Weird occurrence with Dybbuk Box

My friend a while ago made a box. She placed rocks, crystals and focused on trapping energy or spirits into the box. Then she closed it and placed wax and hot glue around it, to keep it shut. After she did so, she made a poppet doll to go along with the box.

I must say this was quite weird if not the weirdest thing that I have ever witnessed regarding black magick and such so far. The box would tap the inside with the rocks once for yes and twice for no when she asked it questions. It would also move the poppet around in her hand. I held the doll once in my hand and I swear the thing spun. It also moved her hair while she was holding it.

I’m not really all that sure if the box was just manipulating the energy inside to affect things on the outside or if it really did catch a spirit or something. What does everyone think about this?


I think it did catch a spirit.

Your friend should be careful with it and better know what she’s doing !

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A Dybbuk Box or demon box does not exist. The term Dybbuk Box was coined by a man named Kevin Mannis a furniture and antiques dealer from Portland, Oregon who purchased a wine cabinet at an estate sale. Mannis and his mother suffered nightmares and than sold the box on eBay. Others also suffered nightmares, the so-called demon box now resides in a musuem in Las Vegas.

Mannis a publicity hound and merchant and wanted to make money off his finds and fabricated many events dealing with the wine cabinet. He went to several local newspapers regarding the box who published extensive stories on this supposed possessed wine chest. They eventuality made a movie The Possession from these articles.

This demon box is not haunted or an attached object that a angry spirit chose to hide in but a preternatural booby trap from a Witch that wishes to protect her small ritual ALTER used for Witchcraft.

From Mannis’s account the artifacts lifted from the box it appears were objects used for castings for health, healing and attraction spells, that were performed, hence the locks of hair, an old red rose, and the ritual implements used for the casting.

Stones were found inside the box inscribed with “Shalom” are offering stones. A wine cabinet was symbolic because it signifies rich fruit and fertility. The prior owner also placed a protection casting on the wine cabinet to protect there sacred alter.

It seems the victims of this Alter have all the information to solve this but have missed many crucial points and by overlooking the obvious they are not able to solve this mystery of an old wine chest that was used as a alter for ceremonial magic. This has nothing to do with Poland, W.W.II or the holocaust, or Havela (the original owner) but everything to do with Witchcraft.

Everything also points to the original owner of the box to being a Witch, she held séances and performed necromancy, she summoned demons for devination and prescience.

It is obvious to me that this Witch was heavily involved with a demon known for love and lust also as being extremely malevolent Asmodeus (Asmodai). All the signs are there his trademarks are a strong cool breeze or wind as he is the demon king or gate keeper of the east. East being the eastern hemisphere of the globe, the element being air.

Mannis unknowingly was trespassing on sacred ground and disturbing the ritual alter space of a powerful sorceres.

Mannis’s visions or nightmares confirm the demonic attacks. He had nightmares of a woman in a black cloak is symbolic of the Witch that Asmodeus was in league with, when the victims had broken that trust when he had broken sacred ground with unlocking the ritual alter box, unleashing the demon who has now changed from a trusted friend to a hag of destruction.

When he woke he had three bruise marks on his arms and back all indicating the pagan trinity of earth, fire, water.

Physical attacks, being pushed, burn marks or scratches, usually with 3 marks or lines. The sign of the beast. These aren’t angry ghosts but signs of demonic attack.

What happened next, I almost don’t believe this, that he than sells this cursed demon box on eBay unreal! eBay? Good luck!

There are many twists to this story, the purchaser of the small wine cabinet supposedly owned by a lonely old woman who died and left her personnel items to be sold at an estate sale.

Mannis going back to where he bought the wine cabinet and heavily questioned the former owner that initiated the estate sale was a good start. He should have forcibly returned the wine cabinet alter.

I would have let the family know in no uncertain terms what had happened and have her simply destroy the cabinet as it was used by her family for Witchcraft as an alter.

The wine cabinet or other cabinets used in magic or that have been supposedly cursed has nothing to do with the ghost who supposedly brought the item from Europe, but has everything to do with someone who practiced Witchcraft, and wished to protect her alter space with a demon that is still acceding to her protection spell of her sacred alter.

The myth of a demon box and all the fabricated events and than the movie are what happens when someone wants to sell and gain publicity to make money, once these fabricated stories get into print they seem to take on a life of there own.


You’re talking about “A” box. The origin of the name or the term “Dybbuk Box” got nothing to do with it as a tool for spiritual practices.

Spirits can be attached to an object, a box, a doll or anything else. You can call that box any other name if you wish, doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Demons do not hide in objects waiting to jump out at people in a thrift store. It might make a great movie or horror novel but the myth of attached objects simply isn’t true.

I have spoken to Jason Haxton who inherited the so-called demon box and runs the ATSU Museum of Osteopathic Medicine and he confirms my information.

Nobody said they hide anywhere. And yes usually the movies are cool :slight_smile:

“isn’t true” is another matter. That’s your opinion. Not a fact. And probably based on your experience and thinking about it without trying it yourself.

As I said before, what you mentioned about the box is irrelevant to the subject at hand. Spirits can be attached to any object. Doesn’t matter if it’s a box or any other item. That’s a very well known practice in witchcraft all over the world. If you don’t believe in it or you think it’s not true… that’s a different story. Your opinion. Not a fact.

You can keep your opinion as it is, or do some more research about this if you wish know how it’s done and which traditions practice this technique etc It’s up to you.

First and foremost.

Dybbuk is a malevolent possessing spirit.

A box holds something

A spirit can be trapped in a box, yes?

Then dybbuk boxes can be and are real since someone started the trend of trying to trap spirits in wax coated boxes.

Origins does not indicate authenticity or lack thereof. Everything was once an idea.

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Your title is a misnomer because what your friend made was not a Dybbuk box.

A true Dybbuk box is something specific to Kabbalistic sorcery. It is made with Hebrew symbols and incantations. Anything else is NOT a Dybbuk box, because a “Dybbuk” is a malevolent spirit of the dead in Hebrew mythology.

Edit: Oops, @lawclerk, I meant to reply to the OP, not you.

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No. Demons are not trapped in any object and are not attached to anything, they are part of the universe.

The stories of attached objects are a myth. You can perform a hex on a living mortal but it has nothing to do with an object they purchased or received or found and then claim the bad luck came from the object they found as all the misfortunes happened after they found the object be it a doll or wine chest are coincidence and have nothing to do with the hex that has befallen them.

Thanks and no problem. Your information is spot on as usual.

You keep saying demons here, we are speaking of dybukks. I believe this is the source of the misunderstanding here.

Just to clarify… All kinds of spirits can be attached to any object. That’s a well known practice in witchcraft for thousands of years to this day.

People can deny or reject anything and believe whatever they want. There are people who believe earth is flat and that there’s a global conspiracy to hide the fact that Elvis is still alive. Totally fine. But nobody should present their OPINION as truth, law or rule. That’s the only thing I disagree with :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :metal:

damn. Didn’t expect to have this many comments on the subject. Yay I started a conversation.

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Yeah. Wasn’t entirely sure what to call it. She ended up calling it a dybbuk box so thats why I placed it in the title. Thanks for the info tho. Had no Idea a dybbuk was a spirit of the dead in hebrew mythology.

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Im the person who made the box. If its not a dybbuk, any ideas what it could be? I have the box still and can provide an image; along with a video of the doll moving that i posted in the past. I do not know what exactly i trapped, i didn’t think it was a dybbuk after researching; although voices and tapping in response to voice did occur. At the time, my friends and Damien had some difficulties with electronics; leading us to believe it may have been a poltergiest. The box had also shifted itself and messed with objects around it. Currently, I have isolated the box in my desk drawer and left it; and I do hear some tappings once in a while. Things have also been shifting in my room (bed being moved). Any ideas what this could be? Please reply if any ideas.

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In my opinion, you probably trapped an earthbound spirit. If you’re not experienced enough, I highly recommend that you let it go… break the attachment from the box then destroy the box itself. Otherwise, you might cause lots of problems to yourself and people around you.

Not trying to scare you, you have lots of time. I’m only trying to let you understand the possible - and highly likely - negative outcome of having such item with you.

That’s what I suggest. I hope other members can give better ideas as well.


I was thinking of burying it somewhere in nature; let the other spirits handle it by itself and choose what exactly to do with it, away from my friends and family and myself. Would this be best in case it is a dybbuk, so it can’t cause any harm if released?

Yes that would work in my opinion. But if you could… banish the spirit from the item itself to break the connection first. After that destroy the box, then perform another banishing and cleansing for the house.

If you can’t then just take the box away and destroy it. Better than nothing, and hopefully that would be enough.

Do not bury it as it is, break it to pieces.

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I just cleansed my house two days ago; might do another one tonight after ridding the box. I can provide the image and video in an hour and a half; currently am in class and can’t risk getting caught. Hopefully it can give you more of an idea on the situtation.

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That would be great. Good luck

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