Weird negative entity

I need help to get rid of the negative entity/lesser spirit that follows a person who’s very dear to me.

What confuses me is that I’m naturally gifted recognising and communicating with different kind of spirits, but this one’s true nature I was capable to recognise only yesterday.
I’ve known the spirit in his house before, it would be impossible to not to since all the other people, “normal people”, visited there notice it too. But I thought it was harmless and didn’t paid any attention to it.

Trying to make long story short, I figured out that it’s the entity that’s causing the person who lives there severe frustration, depression, anxiety, delusions… It has affected every area of his life and cause extreme bad luck as well. There’s also poltergeist kind of activity, it bangs the doors and dishes, open doors and people can hear it’s footsteps.
The person told me that sometimes it talks.

The problem is that it’s not only around the house, it follows that person, attached to him, so only cleansing the house wouldn’t work.

I’m also worried about the fact that I didn’t recognised the nature of the spirit. I’ve secured myself in many ways and I have my own spirits protecting me all the time, could this be the reason? That my own guards protected me too well so I wasn’t able to sense anything?

Any kind of help about the spirit and how to banish it and also overall notes about the situation are extremely welcome.


Maybe it was making itself invisible. But now you can ‘see’ it, can you ask it what it’s motivations are?
Was it sent? Is it a human ghost that attached to your friend via some resonance? Does it have permission from your friend at some level to be there?


And if it’s intentions are negative, but perform a banishing and see what happens.

@Mulberry Thing is I still can’t “see” it, I only understood its real nature by connecting the dots. It’s not human ghost though, for that I’m very sure. Also don’t believe it’s send by anyone, there’s no one I can think think of who could do this or even why.

About the permission, funny you asked because when I asked my friend does he feel scared or anxious because of the entity, he just shrugged like “meh”. Could it manipulate him to believe/feel that it’s present is good to him?
So even though he may have not given it a actual permission to be there, he has not denied it either.

@Prophet I probably should try, but I’m just concerned about how the entity would react if it wouldn’t work. It’s one thing to try if it would be attached to me but it isn’t.