Weird experience

can someone explain it to me please ?
during my sleep I had a lucid dream that I was lying in bed and I had some kind of attack
and then suddenly I was somewhere else, and I saw some other bald man who looked a bit like a monk and and put his hand in me normal as if I were a ghost, to the abdominal region,and he grabbed me there by something and pulled me hard ,and it hurt terribly, as if someone grabbed you by some organ in your body and pulled it alive out of your body,and then as if I received some kind of amulet, it looked like a small dark brown hand with some kind of stone in the middle
and he was on such a black string
can someone explain to me what it was about ?

Seem like you also having some lucid dreams issues like I do. Often i have been struggling to figure out the meaning of my dreams too. Some make sense and some don’t.
From my personal experience i learned that often dreams are either about current state of our mind or something about future events.
To me sound like someone taking away something you value a lot. Or you afraid if they will take it away from you.

It’s not really a good idea to have other people guess what your dream is about, unless they’re a very, very good diviner, it will be wrong.

This is because a dream is highly personal, complex, and we don’t know you: it’s a mix of thing from our memory, your live, your hopes and anxieties and your symbolic associations, and finally sometimes you get external entities involved but they look nothing like anyone else’s versions of them.

Your best bet is to rely in yourself and your intuition, but be very careful not to let your conscious mind make things up and turn it into wishful thinking.

We have some tutorials on dreamwork, as it’s called, and the Robert Moss book Dreamgates will teach you how to go back into the dream to get more information from and talk to the elements in it.

Starting with the question “I dreamt X what does it mean?"…

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ok i will look into it

maybe i will look to other sources