Weird dreams after doing targeted love spells

So, I’ve been doing some love spells on a guy I’m getting to know. I did a strong one of my own a few days ago, and I’ve also been doing this one for the last three days (once a day, always at night). The one from the link worked like charm and he always called me right away as soon as I lit the candle.

Thing is, last night I had a weird dream and idk if it might be a sign for me to stop.

In the dream I was binding him with handcuffs against a wall (not binding him to me, and the spells I did were not to bind, but rather to encourage and enhance feeling development on his side). While he was bound, we helplessly watched some men getting into a room nearby and stealing armors (?), like ancient, knight armors.

Then I left him bound to that wall, crossed a bridge, grabbed a key (that looked like a triangle) and some weird purple lock that I could hold in my hand. A huge statue “activated,” I heard some dramatic chase music, some white monkey was about charging to attack me, and as soon I used the key on the lock the money became confused, and the statue switched faces and became neutral (it’s like the statue had several faces he could switch) and stopped pursuing me.

Then everything flooded and I found a chain to grab and be pulled up, and then I woke up.

I’ve been looking up for meanings of purple keys or white monkeys, and they seem mostly negative. The statue with many faces could match the description I remember of Dantalion, but I didn’t summon any entity for the spells I did (and I never even worked with Dantalion).

The fact that this guy appeared bound to the wall and that I just escaped while everything flooded behind me makes me think perhaps I should just stop trying to force things on this guy? Or maybe he’s spiritually protected and that’s what the statue was (a protector)? Perhaps the dream was a warning for me to stop?

A while ago I just lit up a red candle with a couple of needles like I’ve been doing for the last few days, but this time I didn’t say the conjuring, and instead said “if this guy isn’t for me, I want him released from all my magickal influence and for us to part ways in harmony.”

Perhaps all my workings were for nothing in the end?

Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone else here had weird dreams after performing love spells, and if anyone has any idea of what this dream could mean. Should I move forward and keep pushing, or just give it all up?

For the record, he’s not an ex, he’s not married or involved with anyone else, there’s no drama. We’re just getting to know each other and I just wanted to give it an extra kick.

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Maybe it’s working, I will do bfre,star spells a bath or incense,to purify room,basic,it will give a boost