Weird dream. I have no idea what this means

Hey guys idk if this is important or not but last night I had another weird dream where me and my two sisters Chelsea and faith with a whole load of people we apparently know went to this big beautiful house and this lady was giving us a tour whilst describing the history of the house.

After the tour was done we had to work in a group and I was gonna work with my two sisters but Chelsea said “I don’t wanna work with Shauna” so I was paired with someone else and we looked at all the bedrooms and I went on my own and I found my sisters in a room with about 5 other people ( all the room had three bed in) and they stared at me so I went down the hall to the bathroom which had another bathroom attached to it.

I walk back to Chelsea’s room and I say something along the lines of her betraying me I think she said “it’s not a big deal” so I start crying and walk to the room opposite and I start screaming saying “ you know I don’t do well working with other people I wanted to work with you”know and she said “ I’m sorry I forgot come with me and faith” and I was screaming “ you knew I told you, we always stayed together” then I woke up.
I woke up and I knew I didn’t want that to happen this dream happened after I told lucifer that I was stuck and don’t know how to move forward with my working but I won’t give up.

I told him this because I had a dream about being a demon the day before this dream :neutral_face:


Your vision is about conflict and turmoil with your family or those that are close to you and your indiscretion creating tension with the people around you.

Viewing a large beautiful home with your family indicates your wishes and desires with people around you. You are hoping for many future opportunities to improve your life, it’s up to you to seize those opportunities or not but aren’t able to move forward causing frustration and complaint.

The conflict with your sister with the many rooms in a dream signify uncertainty. You’re not certain about your future. To see doors and entering different rooms after the rejection indicates the different paths that you could have taken but walked away from.

The bedroom indicates privacy and intimacy that is lacking with people in your life. You know how to keep a secret but keep your secrets to yourself as well as personal problems is the message to keep and maintain friendships and relationships.


Okay thank you that makes some sense to me now if I’m honest I have no idea what do do or what to chose right now I’m reworking one my chakras as I was working on my higher self.
I don’t know what path to chose and that’s is definitely accurate I do know how to keep a secret and keep my secrets and personal problems to myself do you think that’s a bad thing

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The vision is giving you the answer, keep your own council, in another words, keep your personal issues and other private issues or secrets to yourself, that is the answer and your solution which is a good thing.

Okay thank you for the help I appreciate it very much I’ll do that from now on :smile:

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I’m so sorry to bother you again but I just remembered something I can’t quite remember if it was part of this dream or not but I was walking by myself and saw these three boys walk into a shop so I carried on walking and walking into this garden that was attached to a church I think.

I kept walking and then there was like this circle area with a lot of stairs that lead to different exits so I found and exit and walked down the stairs but they kept changing and I noticed that this woman and man was following me. Once I got to the exit I was at the other end of town and I was with my sister and auntie I told them about the boys.
I can’t quite remember if this was way before we viewed the house or not

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This is a sign of spiritual growth and searching for a new journey, or path. With the stairs you are trying to move forward and progress in some area of your life, but are struggling to know which way to proceed in a situation dealing with relationships.

Stairs portray transition and change, in an individual’s life. Climbing stairs from the garden circle you feel ready to create success, you have decided to put effort into obtaining your goals.

However with the exit and climbing down, you are still running from relationships even though you are determined to change and make things work, you still aren’t ready.

So this is a Of spiritual growth, I’m trying to search for a new Journey that’s correct I am struggling and I even admitted that to lucifer.
Could it possibly be family relationships because I hardly communicate with them as much as I used to because they hurt me and I don’t wanna get hurt again.
Is there a way of telling when one is ready?

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Yes. It sounds like you’re backing away from your family and are looking to fulfill those needs elsewhere.

I guess I better get talking to them then.
I have a question does it make me weird for feeling like a stranger to them as they don’t know me and for me to feel like if I spend time with them they will only hurt me like last time

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I don’t know. I would perform a specific divantion and ask your patron what specific paths to take, he should give you a sign.

I don’t know how to do divination also do you have any suggestions for doing divination
Do I just ask him for a sign

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You might try a simple petition casting, which could get you started on your journey and help you define the future.

Also try to create a sigil and work that into your casting. Sigils work with the subconscious, and help break down barriers towards what we desire with heightened energy with a full moon phase.

Sigils are one of the most powerful tools of magick, and are perfect to work with to get you started with divination.

See these links:

Thank you for that I remember I did one petition spell before and made two Sigil but that was about two or four days or so after I started this journey

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Keep going it should work.

Okay thank you so much for your help :smile:

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Your welcome, you might also try the sites search engine the magnifying glass on the upper right of your screen as there are many posts and threads that may give you an answer.

Okay thank you also regarding asking my patron I don’t have one well not that I know of right now so could I ask lucifer instead

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Yes, I would compose a petition casting and formally address it to Lord Lucifer, maybe he will become your patron.

Okay thank you so do I ask him to be my patron or does he choose to be

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