Weird dream. Any meaning?

I drew asmodeus’ sigil and shortly felt nauseous
I thought it was just another migraine so I took a nap and had this weird dream.
I ended up talking to a demon and I can’t remember much of it but I do remember by the end of it I told him I knew what he was and he just grinned and told me to meet him at seven and disappeared
I told him I wanted to make a pact/deal near the end and drew something on my side and that is when I woke up
When I woke up I felt like I was having a heart attack and couldn’t breathe
It felt so humid and there was this energy that was so dense and felt suffocating and I couldn’t move
It went away after a bit and I feel fine
What does this mean?
It is currently 6:20 I just recently woke up
Should I try talking to whoever it was?

Try talking to it, and do ask it to verify it’s Asmodeus by showing you it’s sigil in your minds eye.

Since parasites and impostors frequently mess with people like this, pay attention to your intuition - if you feel, or it can’t confirm it’s the entity you were trying to contact, in the case, Asmodeus, cleanse and banish and try again. If it tells you it’s someone else, ok, cleanse and banish and then call that someone else to see if it really was that entity.

Will do
Thank you