Website fame and building community

Can you use a spirit, demon or sum for getting a website you made famous? My website is a forum, and i want it to have fame and a large and active community. Could a spirit help me with that? I am completely new to this stuff. All i know is how to draw a sigil and gaze at it lmao

Why not just build a servitor and attach it to your site to help draw people in?

This forum has one…


Build a “servitor” can you explain what that means? :eyes: @DarkestKnight

Edit: nvm google is a cool thing lol. Servitors can get you fame?


A servitor is basically an artificial spirit created by a magician.

You can find basic instructions on how to make one all over the internet. They are a big part of the Chaos Magick paradigm.

There are also many books available on Amazon Kindle.

If you are interested, there are some servitors members here have shared that you can evoke and check out.

Servitors can be designed to do anything you can imagine.


I asked Bael for Help with my Instagram business help and he accepted he want be indicated in exchange. You can go to Bael

How much did he help you with your instagram?

I asked him yesterday lol. My Guardian daemon Said that could make me win 2.300 per month, Bael said 4.800 per month. He Said that in a deadline of 3,5 weeks my clients would start to come in a great flow.

After 3,5 weeks i can reply you what happened

Thank you! By the way…do you think i can talk to bael and other gods spirits, demons etc with text on phone? Sorry for the dumb question

I dont know. I think the best way to approach them is with invocation/evocation

Alright. I’ll do some tests, if you want i can tell you how it went.