Wealth, recent numbness, difficulty getting jobs

Should i stop callign divs?
Or what else i might do wrong?

it feels completely absurd to sit here, chanting mantras about my oh so great divinity, power and how i deserve wealth and happiness -whilst reality tells me a different picture.


A- what am i doing wrong?
B- who/what do i have to kill so this curse? stops


if its ancestors, a spirit, a god, a angel, parasites, eggregors… etc i dont care. IF there is such a piece of shit, tell me please.


and dont come at me with “its just your negativity” -i am chanting confidence boostign material for hours, and no atheist could possibly explain why i dont get a job despite all my efforts. It feels even on a statistically level, very unlikely to have such a bad streek.


@Lady_Eva remove this embarrassment please


Hey man :hugs: do you need anything? You seem a bit chaotic :smiley: and like you’re in a stressful place

i feel like, if it could be fixed so easily… it wouldnt bother me as much.

Idk, i feel depressed looking at “our greatest” (magicians) and not manifesting shit in the world -like, koetting whoring himself on patreon, and having to shill out to some new authors. Or Cosimano, who claims to be able to drive people into literal suicide, and making peopel cum on command remotely -but lives in a trailor park instead of mindcontrolling millionaires.

… idk…


if they cant do anything to grow from their baseline,
then me with issues even getting to a baseline seems hard to do

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Thats your issue, most recent findings and even Damon Brand say that positive affirmations are trash for the most part because they promote inaction.

Maybe you just look at the wrong magicians. Frater X and his programs have helped me to increase my wealth tremendously as well as wealth magick by the gallery and reading Dr. Emmet Fox, Neville Goddard and Napoleon Hill.

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@Lady_Eva sorry to bother you but i cant remove this thread myself for some reason

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well he uses jewish stuff and his book on servitors was ripped off from john kreiters book on the same topic -they even referenced the same TV-show… so idk if that statement means something or was jsut some contrarian shit.

me spending my literal last money, to go to meetings to maybe get a job, is inaction then?

and like i didnt do more than mere affirmations.
~i just recently started using them to keep me from manifesting negative thoughtforms.


It’s complicated for other to answer exactly, i don’t know your exact life, what is your journey or what lessons you need to learn etc

Personally, Planetary Magick and Sachiel helped me have a stable job, save money, bring new gains etc .

Do you know what career you want/ like?
Do you have troubles getting jobs in the same domain? you tried other working domeins?
Maybe need to go deeper an find a domein that FITS you and your porpous

You can find a lot in the natal chart too. Or use divination to see if there is something blocking you

And Damon Brand has a very good , really good way on explaining feelings and emotions during rituals
How to visualize and use emotions in the same time. It doesn’t force you into false positiveness

So just take that part if you don’t click with his sigils or whatever 🤷


applied for:

education in IT, programming, web-shit

work: cleaning, call-center and tech service, production,

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about trainign in programming and stuff.
they dont care, that i could hack the shit out of them.
~they still would dig up my old grades from years ago

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i would liek to do art, design, animation, game-dev but cant do or start anytihng without money.
i would like to go into programming but cant do or start much without money
… (insert echo)

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You literally stated that you are working with Divs, forces of counter creation and you wonder why you don’t manifest anything tangible/material which is seen as emanation of Ahura Mazda? You have to gain authority over yourself and this goes hand in hand with gaining authority over them.

What is bad about jewish stuff? And I hope that you are aware that most occult books draw from other occult books lol as one of my old teachers used to say: " there is no innovation only revolution of the old."

Why would you spend money to get to meetings? Why don’t you pursue a certificate in an it branch for free? (example google) -> which you do/have a background in. Great use it!

I just read your other responses and it appears that the Divs try to force you to break out of your belief patterns and claim sovereignty over your life. You say that people care about the grades years ago instead of what you can provide know. Try Neville´s reversal technique and see if something changes.

Other than that, I would recommend looking into the authors/researchers I have provided, but I do not believe that you will since you have an aversion to those.

Anyways I wish you best of luck on your journey and am certain that everything will turn into your favor.


its not like i lived a great life before the divs

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yeah yeah, the torah saying “there is nothing new under the sun”

its called public transport. if i would have a vehicle, i would have spend moeny on gas (=_= ’ )

cant buy books now, and cant really make use of ebooks.

like if the spirits helped me before.
… oh gods, im doing it…quoting christians “god helps those who help themselves” …great.

… thanks, i guess

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so the divs WANT me to stop working with them?

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First I am not in the place to tell you this. Second read it again, I believe that they try to tell you to finally see yourself as the Cause and not the Effect.

But it is up to you to talk to them and then make a decision. Don’t turn to others to make decisions for you or tell you what to do. I just tried to provide you with tips on how to change your situation and offered you an interpretation. You disregarded most of what I have said so please disregard everything, since it clearly doesn’t apply to you :slight_smile:

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… i was trying to get work, since i wasnt expecting to get anything else, since i got turned down so many times.

… but you jsut ridiculed me for using affirmations

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