Wealth Magick Journal Entry 1

I have decided to perform the series of rituals in “Wealth Magick” by DOM. I have performed rituals in other DOM’s books and am now familiar with most of the workings in W.M except the first one.

I will keep updating monthly on changes and improvements in my career. I’m not sure whether I should update on this post or create a separate entry. I don’t want to clutter the forum.

Right now, I am leading a team of 25 team members in a national supply chain cooperation. My boss and his boss thinks highly of me and I have been successful. They are supporting me to get into project management. My goal is to become a project manager and increase my salary digits from 85k to over 150k in 2-3 years.

Regarding to the first working in W.M, does anyone know if I’m supposed to place the golden square opening on top of the twig or near it? Thank you, my magickal family.


Awesome stuff dude! I am following this post and look forward to updates. To clarify, the first working is 17 days - so maybe an update after those days would be a salient thing to do. Or don’t, it’s your post! I may make sense to post updates on this particular thread (less clutter).
It’s great that you are already established, career and wealth-wise. Most of the posts I have seen about the Wealth Magick book are about folks starting from ground zero.
I was going to comment on the golden square, but it has been a while - and I’m sure other people will have a better recollection than I.
Best of fortune to you!


The way I did it, I opened the square so that the stick/soil was in the centerish. Don’t forget about the initial 3 weeks of the Daily Practice, by the way.


@anon41658706 thanks so much for the advise. I’ll stick the updates to this post reduce clutter.

It makes sense to update after each working and I will do that if I have something which I’m sure I will. Cheers!

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@shinri thank you for the info. That definitely clarified it. And thanks for the reminder of daily practice. I will make sure to do that first and continue to do so throughout the entire series of working.


And I have to ask, is $150k really enough?

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I’d very much prefer 300k but I thought 150k a good start and doesn’t have to be the end result :grinning:


So, I still haven’t started it but so far I’ve been told I’m gon get $8800 bonus next month. May be it’s one of those future rituals affecting past.


This is a form of wealth building I was introduced to at the same time as wealth magick through a sort of society.

The teacher Dan Pena is worth 500 Million, if you adjust for inflation he was a billionaire when he made the money.

It’s essentially buying business and creating wealth through corporate debt by buying revenue rather than creating it.

The only other thing I’ve come across that is even close to this much money would be commercial real estate.


Thanks for the link, bud. You’re right. Commercial real estate would be a real money pot if you choose the right one hey.

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I’m running behind the schedule as something urgent came up that needed to be dealt with first. I’ll update this thread as soon as I start the workings.


So I started the Wealth Magick again. Im on the 5th day of the First working (after 3 weeks of Daily ritual). I also started the Success Magick rituals on the same day.

So far, the changes I have experienced are as below.

  1. My attitude and feelings towards spending money has changed. I started enjoying it with ease rather than stressed out about it.

  2. I started getting messages from a former coworker who moved to a better job with a significant pay boost about similar job opportunities and encouragement from him to apply. Also from a current coworker as well.

  3. I feel motivated and confident towards applying new jobs. I have typed up my updated resume and currently working on my LinkedIn profile.

  4. I got an opportunity to cover a senior managment role before and i got another now. I just finished my training. Its a great place to shine.

  5. I got offered another role in junior management which suits me more and its a great path towards my career choice. I accepted it. No pay increase.

  6. My boss also told me that there is another job opportunity on a senior level opening up soon he wants me to apply. I am going to and I’m taking a quick online course relevant to that role to show that I’m initiative.

  7. I’m at ease, confident and motivated to just go for it. I used to be scared and just stressed out about how unqualified i am and how much i have to prepare to apply for a job.

Those are the changes I’ve been experiencing so far.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I’ll update again soon. One love, my magickal family!


The second wealth working with Angels of Omnipotence

I almost ended up not posting this one. Because I’m not entirely sure what happened and how to make sense of it. So I should start with things I know I experienced.

First of all, every time I put my right palm on the seal and said the angels’ names to make the request at the near end of the ritual, I felt the rush. It was intoxicating.

I didn’t feel much disruption or change for the first week and thought to myself I was probably will not go through that kind of disruption because it wasn’t needed. I have been reading really great books on wealth and money and been up-skilling myself like a mad man since I started out with Wealth Magick. I thought i was doing everything I can and such intense disruption is not needed in my case.

I got covid during the second week and it took a lot out of me. Even after I recovered, I couldn’t tell if mental fogs and general fatigue was from the ritual or covid. But i did recovered fully from the symptoms a few days after I completed the 33 days ritual.

I have been seeing a lot of job opportunities outside and inside of my work. I have been unofficially promoted to a senior management role for a while now. There are unofficial news of keeping me permanently with a pay rise.

Here’s the confusing part for me. I started dating my former school classmate for a few months now. There’s always something off about how I feel about relationships. The women and the relationships seem great until I’m in it. I won’t get into it too much. Turned out the reason I felt like this is because I have insecure attachment style called fearful avoidant.

I tried to break up with her a couple of times. Even did magick to do so, had a serious rebuttal from the archangels. During the second working, I was so sure the relationship was gonna end and part of me wanted to. But we ended up evolving into better partners for each other. Now I’m taking online course to heal my insecure attachment style further. The timing seems too right to be a coincidence but it might as well be. But if it wasn’t, I don’t understand the reason why angels of Omnipotence would put me on this path.

It made sense to me that I could get to my desired wealth level a lot faster as a single man without other obligations. Sorry, this post was all over the place. I felt like the fire in my belly has lessened and found myself contemplating about the relationships more than wealth compared to before the second working.


The third ritual was quite straight forward and the main spirit was easy to contact.

Since then, i got a pay rise. That plus the bonus and weekend allowance, i finally hit the six figures. Even got back pay to have a small vacation with the girl I’m dating.


What are the name of these angels what method did you use to evoke them but I understand this an old post so if I do not hear from you I will understand.

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Elubatel, Ebuhuel, Atuesuel, Tabatlu, Bualu, Tulatu, Labusi, Ublisi and Uiazel.

The book Wealth Magick by Damon Brand.

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You are awesome and thank you. Do know any book I read about the seven names of God. Recently I had an experience about my throat and I have been having a lot problems with throat and I called a friend in Sweden and he suggested that I chant the name of Sabaoth morning and night and explain that this God head deals with the armies of God but they also deals with healing especially if it is an spiritual or psychic attacks and as find out that my throat is healing as I chant. I have decided to study the God heads which are
Seven names of God

  • YHWH.
  • Adonai.
  • El.
  • Elohim.
  • Shaddai.
  • Tzevaot.
  • Ehyeh -

Do you have any suggestions.