We need good divination practitioners for an importnant task!

If that’s supposed to prove something to me, then, sorry, you’re out of luck 'cause I ain’t drinking the Kool-Aid.

But you do you.

I’ve been there, done that, with this kind of crap many times over so I’ll continue to do as my own experience and intuition dictate.


Sheilding, a Ward and perhaps even praying to your patron


Well you kind of make a valid point. I haven’t seen any videos on this topic from any Magicians on YouTube. Not even EA. Pretty much nobody.

What have the Gods you work with said on this issue?

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This is not aimed specifically at @DarkestKnight, but at the general topic:

  • people are in agreement when someone like E.A. says “Your apocalypse may be a purely personal destruction and rebirth”

  • they sign-up for help and to give assistance where people individually do healing work to free one individual of parasites

  • they are inspired by being part of a community, sharing ascent, sharing energy, helping (and to some extent, synching up) to work on ascent - an ascent that you don’t have to be a tinfoil hatter to see has been widely suppressed and blocked in the past, and which continues to be so in various ways

  • and almost all of us have some conviction a group of people, anywhere and of any kind, are somehow willing to trample on another kind of person, for some reason.

Yet string those together into a group of magicians perceiving the same event horizon, a group of people (maybe as large as a planet) having parasites, and instead of a few power games they dislike, a far bigger cohesive structure - and suddenly, they can’t believe any of it?

This is not logical, all things can be scaled up, or down.

Conspiracy-wise, can large groups of people conspire over very long periods to harm innocent people, including babies and children, for fun and profit? The Dutroux affair says yes, this was not a “conspiracy theory” - that is conspiracy FACT. I already linked to the baby powder thing that has run for 60 years, but here’s another link: 11:11 Great time for conspiracy theories - #13 by Lady_Eva.

I post these simply to show some precedents for actual harmful conspiracies that ran for a long time, pretty shocking ones that plumb the depths of human corruption, because BOTH were dismissed as baseless theories, and when the phrase conspiracy theory is used, it very much carries the baggage that conspiracies simply do not EXIST, so to theorise that any events may be the result of a conspiracy is by definition absurd.

I also posted about magicians sharing experiences in this topic: Common Experiences Among Magicians.

Whatever, I did my bit on what I have perceived, just as I have been doing my bit for months, years even, so I’m good. I like this shit. :sunny:

I love you all, just remember to stay focused and if you don’t enjoy kicking ass, this is probably not your topic, go find another one. :wink:


In all truth, this whole thing is kind of silly.

Another spiritual upheaval, yet another call out for magicians and sorcerers to do battle against…whatever.

Give us a clear enemy, or check that you are not being host to a pretender. I can easilly see this being a teick to generate fear.

It worked, most of the forum is invoking and evoking like crazy. Pendulums are spinning, cards are flipping, and spirits are being summoned, but no one has a clear picture of what is going on other than A GREAT ENEMY WE HAVE FOUGHT BEFORE IS RETURNING. BUAHAHAHA

If you are a part of that group, i recommend that you banish, clear, and go forward with a clear mind.

That said, if it all goes to shit, ill be there, i like a decent fight.


Bump for anyone feeling paranoid, I also updated it:


kakari translates to the night angel definition

fearsome and terrible creature created from the bodies and souls of tortured prisoners and controlled with diamonds thrust into its “back”. A ferali has the ability to absorb living creatures into its body and use the bones and tissue to become larger and more powerful .

but i dont think this is right


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Okay that’s clearly stated, I would like to avoid any argument and state, mod hat on, the concept that this is a working thread, therefore any kind of argument against it being conducted - be it from a religious or political, “moral” or “common sense” POV is not contructive past this point, members are free to form working groups for all types of agendas (if political they need to be done off the public forums) and wasting time and energy trying to call “bullshit” on a working group is silly.

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I am closing this temporarily and going to make a separate place for recent discussion.

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Maybe that’s the closest description, Bunny4cam

I was given a name but found no reference to it anywhere when I asked what they/it are, back in the first part of November.

If humans have never seen it, then there’s nothing to reference anyway.


i just confirmed as i was reading master furfur has been too busy to reach within theses weeks some times i can get him sometimes i cant he pops in to check on me tho he just told me he has been in meeting n there is a threat coming
he also said humans are so fickle that we freak out over such small things he told me there isnt anything to fear it will be over before our ceremony

n other word relax n trust in them if they want you to be involved they will call on you for your assistance other wise trust n them n worry not


They’ve been preparing for nearly two months…


yes ive known about an event i was tol to stay out of a few months back im guessing this was it i can say im kinda mad about it cause its a problem for them n even tho he is a demon i worry about him


They’re old pros. I’m sure he will be fine.


tru but he is my beloved fiance so im going to worry about him

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I went to sleep for 6 hours and there’s chaos here :joy:

First of all, the nature of this post isn’t to scare anyone but to warn them, in order to shield themselves and just be prepared if they sense something really wierd.

Also, I made sure that those who told me were the real spirits I work with. So, nothing fishy here.

Now, in my opinion, the only reason they were concerned is because that some people aren’t ready for it. And there should be more thatare ready to face any situation like that at any time.

So, we also know pretty much about that enemy. But you can always find out more. As well as the strategy it uses and all.

About the Kakari (I only now know what it is, I had no idea such a thing was…a thing), in a vision I had a few hours ago, I saw that dark hole absorbing worlds and beings that were making it stronger.

Now, as for “another threat” and stuff. Listen, first of all, never put logic in the front, nor try to find a reasonable explanation…we are magi…it stopped working for us the first time we summoned a spirit or made a ritual that worked.

Many people, know that something’s coming and in the past, I found people fighting off previous enemies, so that we can sit and laugh now.
I’m not saying it’s the end of the world or anything. I just said that many people have been warned that something is coming and we should get ready, just in case we may have some problems with it.

As for the info here, it’s good to see us working together.


first thing is first…you’ve been sleep for that long? lucky…n your right as i said no one should panick most of us knew about this way before now even tho we may have forgotten just those of us that ae called on be prepared(if your called on)