We are the demons

A little fun fact to back up some of the things I’ve been saying about us as the descendants of Lilith and Samael…

All languages spoken in Europe, the Middle East, and India are believed to share a single common linguistic ancestor called Proto-Indo-European. This PIE culture was from the Northern Middle East region, around where modern day Turkey, Northern Iraq/Kurdistan, and Iran are and they lived and spoke this language from around 5000 B.C.E. to around 3000 B.C.E. before spreading up into Russia, out into Europe and the rest of the Middle East, and down into India.

These people are the progenitors of, practically speaking, all our language, culture, religion, and magic and have even influenced Far Eastern culture quite a bit via Buddhism. They are the reason why so many words for “Mother” sound like “Mama” and “Father” sound like “Dad” or “Pap”.

Their word for human beings? Dhghemon. Which is pronounced like halfway between “daemon” and “Digimon” and is the mother word from which we get “Demon.”

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Lol cool little tidbit


For those who want to delve a little deeper…

Now, compare that to…


Finally, for bearing with me through all that, I give you a hymn to the Great Mother and The Song Of My People™:


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Excellent post!

I’ll add something I originally posted in 2016 to the topic if I may:


This post and the comments verify some unverified personal gnosis, hell yeah!


That’s actually really interesting.

My belief, based on my reading and gnosis, is that Lilith and Samael (perhaps not by those names) are the original gods and that the gods of the RHP religions are demiurgic counterfeits and usurpers. We, in turn, are literally the spiritual children of Lilith and Samael, who made this world and our flesh for the purpose of giving us a place to learn, play, and grow so that we may one day be like or even surpass them.

The Demiurge, by contrast, slammed the gates shut as soon as we were down here, turning our playground into a prison. He demands that we obey and worship him. Above all he demands that we deny our flesh and that we kill our egos so that he can take the empty, twisted and turned inside out vessels that our souls become and fill them with his own “light”, nothing more than little, neutered clones of him (much like his angels), doomed to an eternity of stroking his monstrous ego. Note the RHP emphasis on obedience (to God, to his priests, to your guru) and on denying that the flesh or the physical world has any value (or even existence in some religions.)

By this view, every pleasurable act (within reason) becomes an Adversarial act of defiance against him, with no need for any purpose or meaning beyond “I did it because it felt good.” Hence one of my magical mottos: Non serviam. Gloria in carne. “I will not serve. Glory to the flesh.”

I also really like your DNS analogy and I’m going to steal it because it feels good to do so. Lol.


Boom. Magic.

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I was teached this little bit in college. The professor was baffled as how the word daemon entered in the Greek language and proceeded to tell us an annecdote about Socrates saying he had an “inverted daemon” that told him “Don’t be a fool, make music!” And that was the one time he did actually write (A poem to Apollo, if I’m remembering right).

Anyway, awesome topic, Eddie!


Exactly what I’ve been thinking for a long time, even before I could put it into words. This is also what certain spirits have told me. I’ve come across other practitioners who feel the same, too: The so-called “true god” is false, an impostor, and anti-human in every way possible. I also believe that one of the tasks we as humans have in this realm is to find our way back to who and what we truly are - we’re really the cildren of these primordial gods (or whatever one chooses to call them).

Btw there’s a great book called The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross: A study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East by John M. Allegro - it explores some pretty mind-blowig linguistic connections that I’ve never seen mentioned anywhere. What I love about it is the fact that this isn’t some personal gnosis (verified or not), but actual linguistic proof of the hidden meanings behind words, allegories, symbols and rites.


That actually sounds really interesting. I suck as a linguist. My budding career as a spy came to a screeching halt when I failed my DLAB before enlisting in the Army.

My scores were so low, I was technically not qualified to speak English. Lol.


Yes. Religion is always anti-human, and so is RHP, because it sees the human as flawed and in need to change (but he cannot do this change on his own, he needs an institution for that.)

What I want to tell to everyone who wants to reunite with the “universe” or the “all” or the “source” is:
For what? What do you think you will gain?
End of suffering?
Ending your existence leaves you with nothing, not “peace” or “well-being”.
People think this is like taking a pain-killer, when you cannot stand the pain anymore, and after the pain-killer you have this moment when you feel the pain going away. You can finally sleep, or you can finally breathe, move or rest. But this is not nothing, it is something. It is relief, contendedness, peace, even happiness.
Nothing is nothing. It is not on the scale.

Existense means suffering, yes. But it also offers endless opportunities and beauty, if you just open your eyes and realise what humans are capable of.

So no, we are not in the need of salvation by an external force. No god, no guru can give it to us, only ourselves can.

Although I need to clarify one thing of course:

Angels do not equal RHP. :wink:




Not all angels. I’m referring to the angels of the Tree of Life.

My thing, which I have been calling LHP Luciferian Gnostic Mysticism, relies heavily on the difference between the Tree of Life and the sitra achra, which I call the Tree of Knowledge (because that’s the one Adam and Eve ate the fruit of, get it?) The Tree of Knowledge is, most importantly complete while the Tree of Life isn’t. It only has the spheres. It doesn’t have the shells.

When I say YHVH “slammed the gates shut” this is what I’m referring to. He created a twisted, counterfeit tree, and created his own angels to govern over it as gross parodies of their demonic counterparts. But, in my limited experience, those angels are barely sentient. They’re more like robots or computer programs.

I don’t really buy into the idea of there being a big antagonist who wants to enslave us. It is ourselves that enslave us.
To me depicting YHVH as the bad one is the same thing as depicting Lucifer (or whoever) as the bad one, just the other way round. To me, it is the same dogma.
But let’s just agree to disagree I guess. :laughing:
I do not want to derail your thread, I like it.


Well… I’m not dogmatic about it. This is just the results of my own reading and gnosis. I’m also a Chaos magician at heart, so I’m open to the idea that all of these spirits are entire or partially just “portions of our own minds.” (To paraphrase Crowley)

And who says we all have to agree anyways? That’s what religions do. Not us. You ask any 10 of us a question on anything of import and you’re going to get at least 11 different answers. People on the Satanic/Luciferian/Adversarial/Whatever side of things are supposed to be individualists.

No gods. No masters.



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Great thread and man, feckin synchronicities all over the place… I wanted a potent language and script to write my rituals and hymns in, so I was sent to research hermeticism and chaos magick, then re-found the Alphabet of Desire as a tool and was researching that and now a proto-indo-european language after getting recommendations on how to make conlangs? Imma make my own sacral language yeehaw! :grin: And also a script to make sigils of :drooling_face:

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Personally there some fault to this theory, that we all children of Lilith, and Samuel. Because u can go back and look at the history, DNA, and bones. You can see that the human race, started out in Africa, and then spread out throughout the rest of the world, therefore we were all dark skinned human in the beginning, and when some humans moved to colder lands their skins became whiter to survive in those landscapes. .


It’s not about biological or racial DNA, this is about the origin of our souls.

Edit to add: The narrative about humanity’s origin being in Africa is not as watertight as one is led to believe. Recently, evidence has been found that this isn’t actually true. But I don’t want to derail this topic, you can research for yourself if you want to.