We are the demons

Yeah but u talk about all the countries of the middle east, but u miss out that Lilith, and Samuel, and their children were born, and started out in Africa the birth of the human race

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Read my previous reply, I just edited it. It’s NOT been conclusively proven that we’re actually all originally form Africa.

This is just one article. Like I said, you can research for yourself.


Oh man! I’m not going to derail my own thread but I effing LOVE playing with alphabets, codes, and cyphers.

A personal favorite is to use the older and more authentic (for this work) Phoenician alphabet in place of Hebrew. So, Lilith, for instance, goes from לילית to ‎𐤋𐤉𐤋𐤉𐤕.

It looks metal as hell and you don’t have to monkey around with the vowel markings (nekuddot).

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I just got into this, but the first step will still be channeling my own Alphabet of Desire and some words for it - then reverse-engineer the whole thing and I might try to fit it into the Proto-Indo-European or just play around with Biblical Hebrew and Enochian… Still I’m curious if there’s a dictionary for that proto-language, I wonder how many words were twisted this way :thinking:

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Indeed. To expand on that, as with most of the things we talk about in magic, these are symbolic and metaphorical ways of talking about how we got here and what the meaning and purpose of our lives are.

Like the first 11 chapters of Genesis if you’re not a Creationist. They’re not about a literal Adam and a literal Eve in a literal Garden. They’re about how God established and rules over the created order and how we’re all terrible people who need to kiss his ass because he didn’t murder us all just for the offense of being born.

That’s not to say that I think that what I’m saying is not real or true. It’s just not factual. Which, on my mind, makes it more real, not less. These are stories that talk about the very core of what it means to be human. That’s a story too important to let it get bogged down by mere facts.

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PIE is reconstructed. It predates writing So there’s no direct evidence of its existence or inscriptions or anything to look at.

Way back in the 1950s, really smart linguists (like the one I used to live next to) began reconstructing it by comparing words in different languages and applying what we already knew about how languages change over time. The final dictionary has maybe a 100 words in it, I think.

The interesting thing is that as new PIE descendant languages have been identified and studied, they generally confirmed the methodology used. Which amazes the hell out of me, tbh; but, like I said, I’m a terrible linguist.

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I’m not a linguist myself, but I loved making cyphers and “secret alphabets” as a kid and one time I was taken to some psychic lady who told me that “my future lays with languages” whatever that meant… I’ve been reading about Phoenician, but haven’t looked too deeply - I was distracted by cuneiforms and arabic scripts (although I can’t read either lol)

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Brava!! Well said and I echo your sentiments!