Ways to Bind Spirits

how do you do it?

Depends, do mean bind to this plane, to your service or to/ in an object ?

It’s already bound to my service, I was looking for further ways to bind it. I went to star wars recently and an old spirit who never has seen star wars before wouldn’t be quiet -_-

You could bind it to an object and place magical seals on said object. Placing strain on the seals will cause the spirit great pain. Could be used to increase obedience. I’d suggest a vampiric seal that drains it’s energy when tested.
I wouldn’t really recommend binding a spirit you want to work for you, just won’t get the best job. Id usually use this technique for extracting infomation a spirit didnt want to share.


I’m haunted by it, I’m currently looking for ways to dismantle it. I know it’s time to release it. II want to set the hate free. Also people that it possessed.

Could you share your seals?

Go into the ocean, ask the Father of the Tides if he will willingly accept it into his care. It can even manifest there in phsyical format (there are some truly terrifying “monsters” in the sea, real biological animals) - this is the best approach in a lot of cases, and the least likely to create a backlash because everyone is getting something that they want.

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I couldnt make it to the ocean. I called on the father of the tides from the DKMU paradigm. He couldnt remove it so Seth destroyed it. Thank you Seth!!!

Also btw, when this all first began you helped me bind it in the first place Lady Eva. This was basically my crash course into a shade, higher consciousness, my subconsciousness and godforms. I now know they are with me, they are with us [=

there is still its residual energy left though, ill work on cleansing that from people it was with. Time to bid goodbye to necromancy for now

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Go into the ocean, ask the Father of the Tides[/quote]

For anyone’s future references there is mutual benefit to be had with sending astral nastys back to the abyss as the residual energy feds her. For myself it was found that Lilith is revealed to be the Mother of the Tides. Everyone is happy when she is fed ^,^

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Hi Jarod,
I deal with a lot of hauntings currently in London and I use bindings to sort these things out. The following is a ritual and use regularly and it is safe to use, however, whether it works depends on what your dealing with, can you tell if what’s haunting you is human dead or some for of inhuman entity. It worries me when you say its possessing people, it really does.
Below is my ritual.
Collect a stone and small twigs from natural ground and whilst you do this talk to your spiritual connections or team and ask them for help, If you don’t have these just ask anyway, my spiritual team will probably help you out. Once you have done this, (and spend some time doing it) write down what has been happening to you and others on paper and wrap the stone in it. Place the twigs around the package and tie them with natural string of some sort. As you tie the twigs tell the entity to go. And get bossy, lose your fear of it and tell it to f*%$ off. However, this will only work with lower level entities. I would suggest you try binding it maybe three or four times and if you are still having problems you may have to consult with a high level practitioner. I wish you the best of luck.