My clairvoyance ability

Hello everyone.
i was using my clairvoyance ability as i’m saying good morning or using my hands.
somehow some one wanted to punish me and took my ability to see the spirits.
now i cant see anything and totally damaged from that.
he told me he did that to teach me a lesson.
although he knew about the spirits and servants in my room that he released on me and my family during this time which i cant see or feel anything … i’m in serious situation cuz they are hurting me and my family i cant sleep for a week right now …
i need someone to tell me how can i get this back i worked so freakin hard to get this
and now its gone any idea about getting this back or at least still work with the spirits that they are with me ? I NEED A SERIOUS HELP !!

Perhaps a binding (2 examples below) may be generally helpful and also give your clairvoyance back

Otherwise you would have to train your third eye, but maybe even then it will “recover” quickly.
However to that purpose concentrate between the eyebrows or anyway on your forehead. “Om” may also be vibrated.

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@fapa79 i thank you very much for the support,
but may i ask …
this binding may cause any harm for the spirits ?
cuz u know i’m working with them and they are jinn.
these methods if they can bind them into an object will be much helpful.
thank you again.

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Perhaps those were especially to bind people but I found these other topics

and the second after a few posts talks about binding to objects.

@fapa79 thanks fapa for the great help

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