Wars between light and darkness

Too many gods of “light” with prideful egos, too many demons trodden upon and relegated as garbage. is there any way to stop the age old ‘holy wars’, what is the point of all this spiritual violence? It only degrades us all, light or dark.

The holy wars hurt my heart >_>
I truly believe one Creator made all of “good” and “evil” (not the christian god, but the dark mother)

Will it ever end? When can the spirits/gods/demons ever bury hatchets, and build a better world for us ALL to live in??



They didn’t build any world. And why would you want things to be easy for you? I personally believe in the Pythagorean concept of One, and as such am a Panentheist. Like some Taoist beliefs, this ideology dictates that the Cosmos and all things in it, the many worlds, the spirits, people, animals, all of it sprung from One or Tao. Which isn’t a sentient being, but more like a force that gave birth to everything in the Cosmos. So the gods didn’t actually create the world from the Pythagorean and some Orphic pagan perspectives, they, like us, are simply what sprung from the first desire, to be separate, but as gods.

I don’t think there are any wars either. Care to elaborate?

unfortunately i think you may be right. the world hasn’t gone mad, it’s always been mad…

I believe the state of humanity, un-unified and always biting at ‘enemies’ toes and heels, never can create a peaceful society, is a reflection of the holy wars. the wars of men, as above, so below.

This makes no sense to me.

You’re assuming a unified humanity would be better off? You clearly don’t understand the role conflict and struggle play in innovation.

I can’t think of a single good story that doesn’t have some form of conflict or struggle. People who try to make life easy are missing out on what you have to learn.

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Define “peace,” please?

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I saw your eyes in that thread. They were captivating…

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You can pretty much close this thread now. She answered the question logically without rhetoric.

a lack of conflict, and peace of mind.

You think you can’t have peace of mind in times of conflict or struggle? I think you need to look up insecurities.

Define conflict. Because it could be extended to mean numerous things indefinitely.

I mean conflict of “us vs them”

I’d also wager that you don’t know much about nature.

Do you think animals live in “peace”? Do you think when the wolf tears out the elk’s throat, that they are at peace, and without conflict? When the soil uses your corpse for nutrients, basically devouring you the way we devour for the sake of sustenance, and these nutrients feed flora, is this not also interpreted as conflict of sorts?

Humans are animals, part of nature, nature has constant struggle and conflict, I’d say peace is the most unnatural of states.

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You will never achieve lack of conflict. Violence is in our blood and it benefits us most of the time. In a non-conditioned society, violence and war is something we even enjoy and revel in. Violence for the sake of violence is even purpose in and of itself, one of the most authentic expressions of what we fundamentally are - a higher animal with unknown evolutionary potential.

“Peace of mind” has nothing to do with a state of non-violence and conflict. Peace of mind is the feeling or knowing that you are content with a state or situation.


I honestly agree.

I just fantisize about a less cruel world.

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Then become a God and make one. This one doesn’t have one.

I believe in almost a sort of gnosticism. with this realm and the worlds that branch off of it. Having been created by the mad-half-blind lesser god. This world is a shell meant to hide divinity, the world is the viel.

But yes, on becoming a god, I hope to get results from Apophis by mr micheal kelly

I’ve looked into this book, but it seemed pretty bare to me, so I didn’t scan through its entirety. I hope it doesn’t contain Qliphoth or Qabalah?

It isnt kaballic, it focuses heavily on the brainstem in its rituals from what I gather. It also allludes to time travel. Draconian.
Kabbalah is the blue pill and qlippoth is the black pill. God knows I prefer that black pill more than the perverted jewish kabhallah

Too bad, my suspicions of him being a quack were right then. Good day to you Hastur.