Warnings from a demon

So I am a Practioner who works with spirits and entities daily. I am bound to a demon that we will call “Kay”. I have been working with him for quite some time and have grown to trust him greatly. He often gives me great advice, cheers me up during hard times, helps me convince others of things when needed, ect ect.

Well, he’s not all sunshine and rainbows and a few days ago he came to me with what I thought was a threat but now i think it’s more of a warning.

“You have allowed a factor that should be a non-issue to sway your judgement. Remove it, or I will remove it for you. You are putting yourself in harms way by allowing it to fester in your presence. It may feel like you cant, like you are stuck or that things are falling apart. That is an illusion. You have the power to reclaim control over this.”

And then today he came to me with yet another message, a clearer one.

“Deaths of loved ones are hard to deal with, I know but your grandmother is swiftly on her way to it. Your kin are going to rip each other apart over it. They are already abusing you, and you let them, know that it will get much worse. Make your peace with her now, let her pass with a happy memory of the of you. Give her a viable reason for why you will not be around for the holiday celebration. I say this because if you attend that event, you will regret it. So take my advice and make your peace now, then distance yourself before your family crumbles.”

I am not use to him giving me warnings like this, but I am going to heed them. Time will tell if he is right. I will update this after new years to say whether his warnings were legit or not.

Hate to hope he’s wrong but, I sort of do


Eh, I feel like he’s probably not wrong- despite not knowing the entirety of the situation and he’s right- if she’s near her time, she will pass easier if you make peace with her. If you don’t her spirit may stay stuck and not pass due to feeling like she has business with you that she needs to settle, especially if you’ve ever been really close to her in the past, or are the only grandchild etc.

Families often feud after death, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that is correct as well, and that you should be prepared to see shit you didn’t expect to, even from family members you thought cared about you. I’ve seen it happen several times, and it’s heartbreaking.

As far as the first thing goes, I imagine he’s right, that you could take control of whatever it is rather than being walked on, and often spirits will remove things like jobs, or people we care about, even our spouses or children, if they are holding us back because our priorities aren’t right. Sometimes it’s because we are ignoring the path we should be on, and we would be better people for those close to us, if we got on the right path for ourselves. Sometimes it’s just to make room for something better, that you’d miss otherwise.


Sounds reasonable.

I rarely get unsolicited advice but when I do it’s really good advice that it’s important to me that I listen to. It’s hard to tell if it worked when the aim is to stop something happening, you never know how else it would have gone.

Or, if in knowing it will be hard you can carry on forewarned and forearmed, enter the maelstrom and act to make it better, maybe do some magick in advance to calm things, improve your wards, carry a talisman for healing and peace, etc. It depends on your confidence and strength there I guess - family is extra hard.

It’s not the end of the world to go against it, but when I have, that’s when I’ve seen how life would have been better with fewer regrets if I’d taken it seriously.

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I wish I was experienced enough to have a strong relationship a spirit like that. Must be hard hearing that, though. I hope everything works out for you and your family.

If he has never spoken to you like this before, I would listen.

Especially with the world as it is.

Well, my brother past away a few days before Christmas. My nannas health is ever worse and hell I should have listened, I really should have

You could use spells to send abusive family members away. Magic that would cause them to leave you alone, to go somewhere else ( if they are around you ).
I am not talking about destructive magic necessary, just something that would send them away from you.

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I typically already avoid them, since I moved out with roommates, but I still endure family gatherings to see Nanna. I really should have stayed home this time

One thing I have always learnt is always trust the spirits you have a good relationship with.