Wanting justice against family members who abused my grandmother

I’m looking for spells/rituals/demons that can get through the wards of family members who abused/neglected my grandmother. I already reported them but at least two of them practice and I’m sure they are using some sort of magic to manipulate and work the system. They KNEW what they were doing was wrong but they are telling people that they did what was best for her, which is a load of cr*p. I have to figure out how to get past their wards/shields and ensure that they get what they deserve or at the very least, get my grandmother out of their custody.

My grandmother has dementia and they had her living in filth, no working shower or tub, no working toilets, moldy good in the fridge, and prioritized a dog with incontinence problems and a history of biting over her health and safety. Her house was falling apart around her when I got there, and they did nothing.oh wait, yes they did. They went on a cruise. >:(

I’m pretty sure they used the money the government gives them to take care of her to go on that cruise.

I live in a different state, otherwise I wouldn’t have let this go so far. I’m pretty outraged.

I want them to actually face consequences for their actions. One of them is an ex cop and I’m worried his buddies may also help to get them off. They got his son off from a r@pe charge, so I think they could possibly be able to get out of this too.

They can’t get away with doing this to her! I don’t want worse than what they deserve, just justice.

(Side note: I have already started on workings to improve her health and situation, as well as other positive workings for her. Also I am not trying to kill anyone, thanks.)


I have done all I can for her. The rest is up in the air. If you have any suggestions on anything else I can do for her that I haven’t already tried please feel free to suggest them. Just know that I am disabled and my options are limited.
(No sarcasm in this, just sincerity. Hard to tell via text sometimes)

If you search on here for “vengeance” or “revenge” I’ve seen some good workings around. I’m pretty sure some gietia entries survive in this. Also Glasya Labolas.

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I Appreciate you greatly

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I’ve never worked with Tyr before, thankyou for the suggestion

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Remember put defense first, you can ask Goetikon or other entity to shield you against baneful magick.

In the book Angels of 7 heaven by ars aurora theres is some rite to call legion of angel to nulify baneful magick who send to you.

Also you can contact Lilith or another feminim goddes to help you with this revenge, why? Well you say they make a rapist free out of jail so why you dont ask that entity to punish them with this sin. My suggest ask to destroy their pepe it strong enough to make any man depression.

In the book of angels of wrath theres is some rite to destroy defense, angel behind this rite is Tehyagrah and Essatorio you can work with them with evocation to ask them destroy defense of your target.

Also siphon of their luck, theres is some jar technique to siphon your luck target on this forum.

Good luck

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Check out “Destroy Defenses” in Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield.

If there’s a ring leader of this nasty crew of family, use the Master Curse from Magickal Attack by Gordon Winterfield on them.

As someone mentioned, first step is to protect yourself.


Call Archangel Samael he gets the job done​:dragon::crossed_swords:

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Santa Muerte’s red robe is excellent for this type of thing. She’s formidable and I’ve never known anyone to get past her.


stomps off in a pouty manner

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