Want to read more about Belial

Firstly, I acknowledge that there are about 100 posts here related to Belial.

However, I’mooking for more details of his energy or his vibe if you would, all in one place. Long articles or kindle would be preferable.

The reason I am asking is his “without a master” energy just might be the final key for me to live a fulfilling life. I got that kinda vibe from reading “Grimoire of Belial”. There isn’t much details about his powers in Demons of magick (for a good reason, I know)

I want to craft a good petition that would be easy for emotional alchemy if I know more about his energy.

Also, it would be a good resource for other occult practitioners as well.

As usual, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks family.

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You could try these two books.

Belial: A History by Baal Kadmon

The Black Book of Belial by Ben Koh


@Calcined thank you so much! Reading the first one now. The second one is only available for hard copy.

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Seems that usually the GoM advises evoking the spirits and developing a relationship with them as a means to explore their powers more fully. You could try going into that, and that may be the best way to explore this.


Yes I agree if your able to hear spirits well enough the best way is to evoke the spirit for a meet and greet. Then you can ask him directly about his areas of influence and abilities.

There’s also plenty of good info on the net and here on Balg.

Good luck with your project.


@Dankquanicus and @anon25000386 thank you very much. After contemplating for a while, I have decided to do a connective evocation. However, I have chosen to evoke Cimeries instead since my fear of rejection is more likely his office. Much appreciated for your advise.


I just completed the connective evocation ritual with Cimeries. Definitely felt his presence. Same as the petition ritual, but 5x more intense. Felt like I just stepped out of a boxing ring after beating the opponent.

I didn’t hear any voice though I did have an intuitive thought saying “just release it” when I asked how do I remove the fear of rejection. The fear energy became loose and light in body. And when I directly command the energy to leave my body and my life, I felt sensation of it leaving through my crown along the middle pillar.

Right now, I feel full of fierce energy coursing. Is it how it usually go?

I’m not doubting but would like to know if others had similar experiences. @Veil I would really appreciate it if you could chime in. I noticed from other posts you’re an expert in this subject :blush:

Either way, I am completely grateful to Cimeries and encourage everyone to work with him regarding any type of fear.


This will help you w/ Belial and your magic in general…

Also, a word about DOM…W/ alot of the powers GW lists, they aren’t actually powers.

They’re more like examples of the ways to use those powers.

That’s why he says several times to contemplate the powers and consider them carefully.

If you look at the things he lists for Belial and then ask yourself, “what are the common denominators necessary to make these powers work?”, you’ll see the true nature of Belial’s power.

For all of those things listed, others (be it co-workers, members of an organization, friends, whatev) will need to perceive you in a different way - usually in some way “bigger,” “larger than life” almost.

This is what Belial develops w/ in you and this is what he makes visible to those around you.

They see you as being “without a master,” “without an equal” almost, of supremely high status, etc…

Belial is a big deal, a King of epic, legendary, and mythic proportions and power. He will grow those characteristics w/in you and make it so everyone around you knows you’re a badass too.

He’s worth the work!


Quality post as always @56cpdb


@56cpdb damn, mate. I second @Calcined


You flatter me! :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Truly, I wish I were more of an expert on Cimeries, he works extremely quickly when it comes to the “remove subconscious fears” thing, in my experience.

Sounds like you had quite an intense experience. In my case with Cimeries/Kimaris, it was a turning point for me. The next time I felt the thing I was subconsciously afraid of, I was able to examine it and release it without fearing it or feeling its effects. And after a few months, those fears faded more and more. There was something, a specific memory, and I wanted to loosen its hold over me so it no longer triggered negative feelings. It’s been about 9 months since I initially called him and of course “time heals all wounds”, but even so, I can think about the incident which caused the fear/negative thoughts in detail, and it no longer has any emotional effect on me.

Also I’m taking this post as a nudge to talk to Cimeries again. I’ve lately been thinking about some rituals that I wanted to perform, for a similar outcome, but was looking at other spirits/methods. So, thanks for sending me a sign :wink: I will talk to Cimeries again.


@Veil thank you so much for responding in length. :blush: I appreciate it a lot.

The experience was liberating and similar to what you described so far.

I’m glad you are going to work with him again. Let us know how it goes :blush:

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Just want to put a quick update for future readers. I can’t really feel my fear of rejection/disapproval/invalidation anymore and in turn, I don’t look for approval and validation which gives me tremendous amount of psychological and emotional freedom.

I found out what I truly want after a few days of invocation which is to feel my own dignity at least as much as other human beings.

Now, I’m beginning to feel and act as a matured man who knows he deserves respect and dignity, and his words hold weight and to be taken seriously. This is as opposed to the feelings a boy trapped in a man’s body who’s constantly seeking his worth and permission from others to feel accepted.

Now, I’m actually looking forward to do connective evocations with

  • Hageenti to remove all doubts about being a capable man
  • Bathin to think as a confident man
  • Finally Belial to to fulfill my potential as my birthright

Thanks everyone :heart:


That’s a big request, I hope you know what you’re in for! I asked Belial for an intense spiritual awakening and boy…he did not disappoint!


@Titan.M that’s why I’m working my way up to him, my man.

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Can you tell us more about the spiritual awakening?

I went to jail manic for 5 days. Complete depersonalization and seeing hallucinations. I learned a lot about the world and the nature of the human psyche. My mind was going so fast It felt like years in there. I asked Belial to help with the charges despite the nature of the awakening, he helped me and the charges got completely dropped. I was a shell of a human when I got out and had to work my way back up to doing normal things. All my friends left me and I was very lonely.


Jail sucks man…lol glad your free.

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@56cpdb so, I ended up doing connective evocation with Belial as you suggested but ended up asking to help with deep masculine confidence as I couldn’t figure out what to do about it. I show all aspects of confidence as I can be relentless and can push myself to extreme limits, yet there’s some part of me resists to viewing myself as a worthy man.

Anyway, Belial’s energy felt very calm and self assured but not too invested, like a high status man. After I stated my initial statement of desire, I asked him if he could help. He said “you wouldn’t have called me if you think otherwise” as a thought in my head. Tbh, I wasn’t sure it worked.

After the ritual, I felt inclined to look into the hypnosis for self-esteem by a company I used to listen to but not consistently as my focus was all over the place at that time. I’ve been reading psycho cybernetic and now I have a better understanding of programming the subconscious mind.

After the hypnosis session, I started to feel like my old self before I lost my confidence years ago. And I started to have epiphanies about the direction of my thoughts, imaginations and the use of free will.

My point is that I feel at peace with myself and I feel certain that this is working. I’m not waiting to live my life until I get to a place anymore. I have heard Belial being a harsh teacher but with me, he just seemed to guide me directly to what I needed most without pain or suffering. Without any drama, I have reached my desired path. I feel like a peaceful warrior where I was anticipating to feel like Bruce Willis at the end of every Die Hard movies :joy:

If this is the way Belial wants to work with me, I will be quite surprised but grateful for not having to break down myself again.