Want to know if Lucifer heard me

Hi. I have just started to evoke Lucifer using his sigil, enn and visualisation. Can anyone who works with him ask him if he has heard me?

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In general, people don’t like to talk to spirits on behalf of others and spirits don’t like it either.

Also, as a tip, spirits like Lucifer (and King Paimon) always come when summoned, even if you don’t sense them.


I intend to make a pact with Lucifer. Now the issue is I don’t have anything other than 1 candle, a lighter, pen, paper, his enn and myself because of the quarantine. Would anyone of you be able to guide me on how to do it with the supplies that I have? As far as I have read, I know that my will and intent are the most important ingredients of any ritual. So I was wondering how I should go about it?

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Actually, you don’t need any supplies: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

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Thank you @Manosman. This has been a great help. I have been doing something similar to this since the past couple of days. How do I know its the spirit and not my thoughts?

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More often then not the ones I’ve worked with, including Lucifer, prefer you do your own and figure it out. They like to test I’ve noticed.