Wanna know something really cool ;)

Have you ever had a completely random dream about a particular person or celebrity which made you see then in a favourable light and may have even sparked sexual desire in you for them?

If so then that’s exactly what your target feels when you put a love or obsession spell on them.

You know that feeling when you wake from that dream feeling as thought it genuinely happened and your left with this burning desire for that person?

That’s what they feel, but times 10.

Not only this.

But now imagine that the spirit is now influencing then during wake hours and filling them with the idea to call you or to think about you.

Yes. Extremely potent lol.

How do you know?

This makes no sense to me. Have you actually been under a love or obsession spell yourself? If not, then how could you possibly know what they feel?

I honestly doubt that dreaming about some random celebrity, and having some minor sexual feeling towards them, equals the same effect of a love spell.

Those on this forum who have been on the receiving end of a love spell have reported that it’s not even in the same ball park. I don’t really see the point of this post.


To be honest, this is kind of your personality. Based on your posts here, this is typical for you.

You get obsessed over every bit of tail that comes your way very easily, you get upset and curse them when they don’t reciprocate. I think this is just the way your energy is right now. You allow yourself to be easily distracted by your libido. :woman_shrugging:

That’s not magick it’s just normal for a young,healthy man with high testosterone. I recommend channelling that energy into some great workouts or building something awesome and productive instead of wasting time on women you can’t have.


I’ve been under a love spell. It felt horrible. I attacked the person. Even after he admitted that he put a love spell on me, the obsession didn’t go away for years.

I don’t love him. I am grateful to him for introducing me to the LHP, but hate him for what he did to me.


Wow, I’m interested in knowing more of your experience. We rarely get the chance to see the other side of the coin here.

Thank you for sharing this, from the target’s perspective.

This is what people need to understand, those that are desperate to have their ex back, or wish to have whomever and do love spells…it’s possible the target will end up hating them, attacking them or worse. I’m not against love work, I just think people go into it not realizing this could happen, or thinking it won’t happen to them. There were some threads where the person didn’t care if it happened, they just wanted the person back. People need to think these things through when performing love work or any type of work, for that matter.