Wandering Spirits

I remember years ago as a child I would go through the schoolyard at night as a shortcut to get back home. With the building empty, it always seemed abit eerie. I got the impression at times that I was being watched, or there was something looking at me through the windows. As I recalled this later on in life, my logical mind would kick in and suggest that it’s just me feeling guilty for trespassing at night, or I was just scared but there was more to this than some simple psychological explanation.

I also got (still do) these same feelings around old buildings and structures, especially when many people have accumulated there, or a strong association was attached to the placed. It also baffled me as to why I could feel this………some would say, “its haunted you know” or that I just had a very active imagination but the ones I knew and could trust would say that I was picking up on the influences of the place but this still never quite answered the question.

Years later as my studies into the occult and psychic phenomena developed I investigated this further and found that strong feelings and emotions can attach themselves to, and around structures such as buildings and objects. It wasn’t though until I delved deeper into black magic that I truly found the answers to these questions that had ‘bugged’ me for years. I realised through experiments in rituals that I could bring spirits through at times, but these spirits were just an accumulation of my own personality and shared no attachment to any magical grimoire or correspondences found through various cultures who practiced these arts?

I found that as I initially tried evokation to just communicate with any spirits around, I could once again pick up on the energies of the building and bring these influences through as a type of spiritual entity. Later on after reading Evoking Eternity it dawned on me that E.A gave an exercise in the book to use as practice for evokation (Chapter 4: The Vision & the Voice page 74), which has produced very similar effects to the results I got years ago when trying to initially communicate with these entities.

I use to call them ‘passing spirits’ after listening to a psychic friend of mine but these days I have evolved into calling them wandering spirits. After using E.A’s ideas in Evoking Eternity I had two brilliant results, which confirmed that these wandering spirits seemed to be accumulated emotions and unattached ideas which were strong but had no true purpose or intention.

I evoked two spirits in my mum’s old house where I use to live years ago and the results were amazing. The first spirit was called Morgan who had this habit of looking down towards his right hand side. From time to time he would turn and look at me, come closer and contort his face a little over the altar as if he was gurning. I use to hide my fears away years ago and try and scare people in my late teens just as Morgan did here. I also evoked another spirit called Angelo. He was pretty big built and dressed in a smart black suit with a trilby hat on. He had no face and appeared to be like a silhouette. He jigged about a bit and said he was a comedian (I did hear him laughing). His mannerisms however and build were just like mine in my twenties when I use to be a bodybuilder??!!

The lessons I learned about all of these events and situations were that many spiritual entities are formed through the non intentional emotions of others, which can accumulate within structure and produce a personality abit like a self made egregore.

These wandering spirits seemed to act like ghosts, but many appear to be nothing more than an extraction (or distillation) of thought energy to produce a personality, which is totally independent of our control.

I realised as well that after practicing this exercise, my powers of evokation became more acute and to also put a ghost to rest (pardon the pun) about using a medium such as incense or whatever to bring spirits into manifestation, then I would say that you don’t need anything other than to feel its presence and then either structure it and project it outwards as mentioned………or just let your mind bring it through your imagination from the position of its presence in the room.

I would love to hear other members thoughts and experiences regarding my comments above as I find these ‘manufactured ghosts’ and thought-forms around buildings and objects fascinating……not to mention a great learning tool for the black magician in his/her own spiritual communications. I really do think that most of our Gods started life like this and through giving them more attention and direction, became an individual power source of accumulated energy.

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