Wand qualifications

Hi i am here to ask about what makes a wand, I’ve been reading quite a bit and used the search bar but i didnt find much related to wands and i would like to know how wands operate, whether its better to by or make them and how to make them. if anyone can give me any direction in this subject that would be amazing.

A wand is a magickal tool to focus your energy through.
Whether you make it or buy it, you still will want to enchant it to your purpose to make it magickal.

D. H. Thorne has a good section in his book Shadownomicon on exactly how to create several magical.

To enchant it in ritual, get into ritual trance state and open your circle/directions, call any helping spirits as desired, bring the wand before you and first cleanse it, e.g. by passing it through the inscense with the intention that all unwanted energy falls away, then push your intention into it ‘programming’ it with it’s purpose. Finish with an “And so it is done” or similar and close out as normal.

Also, use it as much as you can, in the use of it, the purpose solidifies and it becomes stronger as a tool. Respect it and store it in a way that reminds you it is precious, powerful, unique to you and has your energy in it.

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Do materials of the wand matter? like what its made of?

Wands are generally made out of wood. Depending on the system one practices, it might be a specific type, like oak, or willow.

Sometimes the location matters, not just the composition. For example, I collect driftwood from places like Pearl Harbor and Hidden Beach, due to the significance of the location. I carve mine by hand, for fun, at the moment.

There are wand making sub-reddits that get A LOT more detailed in things, mostly fictional, but some use historical references. https://www.reddit.com/r/Wandsmith/ . It runs the gamut of professional and amateur wands.


A lot of things can go into a wand to not only make it unique but also to “program” its purpose. As silly as it may sound, giving it a name can also serve that purpose. I actually have a wand given to me that was named by its creator “Oath Breaker” that i have used in place of a dagger for things such as LBRP in the past, to break attachments.